Adapting to the Virtual Life

By: Kayleigh Aiken, Co-Chapter Reporter

Adapting to the virtual life isn’t as easy as it may sound. Some may think that doing work online is easy and less work. That may be for some, but for others it can be challenging and takes more work than being in person. At River Valley all the teachers do things differently in the way they teach. Some teachers may have students do their work at their own pace at home, whereas others may have students work with the class. Through FFA it is especially challenging, we do many class demonstrations, this includes our cow stomach deconstruction, digestion lab, and dissecting DNA. Those who are not in class and are virtual have to find a way to learn it differently with the help of their teacher. Hopefully soon we will be able to go back to normal, with the help of everyone being safe.

Once again I would love it you could consider publishing this because it greatly helps the reporter with our scrapbook and it’s also a way for us to show off how well the students at school are handling these difficult times.

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