Message from Ohio FFA President Bethany Starlin

Message from Ohio FFA President 

Bethany Starlin

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…welcome to 2021! Many of us may have quickly put 2020 behind us due to the many hardships it presented. Nevertheless, it is important that we reflect on the great strides that our association has made and recognize the accomplishments of our members.

In a time when it would have been easier to close the door and say, “we’ll try again next year,” our association decided instead to think outside of the box and seek ways to continually offer unique opportunities to our more than 25,000 members. It is an honor to say that over the past year Ohio FFA has not cancelled a single state-wide leadership event, but instead transformed the delivery model. The virtual world we live in can be difficult to navigate but it also offers the unique ability to bring us closer together while still keeping us [physically] apart.

The largest virtual event Ohio FFA not only participated in, but experienced many successes throughout, was the 93rd National FFA Convention. The recognition we received from the big stage included an American Star Farmer Finalist, two Premier Chapter Finalists, 19 National Proficiency Finalists, 22 National Agriscience Fair Finalists, 33 Three-Star Chapters, 478 American Degree recipients, and we watched as Ohio’s very own, National FFA President, Kolesen McCoy wrapped up his year of service.

Watching our state accomplish so much at the national level is inspiring, but what’s arguably more encouraging is the progress made year in and year out at the chapter level. The accomplishments previously mentioned truly couldn’t be made possible without the desire for success fostered at the local level. Advisors continuously dedicate their time to ensure that their students achieve all of which they are capable. Community support serves as an investment in the next generation of leaders by providing chapters with the resources needed. And FFA members remain consistent in their push for excellence.

It is safe to say that the year 2020 handed us a fair share of challenges. With every challenge, however, a lesson was learned. Albeit the sense of normalcy we used to be accustomed to is now only a distant memory, it is the wisdom gained that will catapult us into future successes. Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Ohio FFA has brought this quote to life throughout the past year. We’ve created new opportunities for growth (Chapter Presidents’ Summit), offered chances for connection (Leadership Nights and Chapter Visits), all provided to students in the comfort of their own homes.

On behalf of the 2020-2021 Ohio FFA State Officer Team, we thank you Ohio FFA for your continuous effort to make the most of these extraordinary times. We are grateful to lead an organization whose response to these new challenges has been filled with promise and executed with grace. We can’t wait to see the progress our association makes in the year 2021 and beyond!


Bethany Starlin

2020-2021 State President

Ohio FFA Association

Important dates to remember: 


2 – Nursery and Landscaping 

13 – Agricultural Communications CDE

20-27 – National FFA Week


2 – Farm Business Management CDE

2 – Greenhand Quiz

5 – Agricultural Power Diagnostics CDE

6 – State Officer Practice Interviews

6 – Public Speaking CDE

13 – Agricultural Sales CDE

22 – Agronomy CDE

22 – Dairy Cattle CDE

22 – Equine Management CDE

29 – General Livestock CDE

29 – Milk Quality and Products CDE

29 – Poultry CDE


13 – Agricultural Mechanics Skills CDE

14 – Animal Behavior & Welfare CDE

14 – Animal Management CDE

14 – Aquarium Management CDE

14 – Grooming l & ll CDE

14 – Veterinary Science CDE

16 – Environmental and Natural Resources CDE

20 – Floriculture CDE

20 – Outdoor Power Equipment CDE

24 – Agricultural Issues Forum CDE

27 – Meats Evaluation and Technology 

29 – Agricultural Mechanics Engineering CDE

29-30 – Ohio FFA State Convention

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  1. Nevertheless, it is important that we reflect on the great strides that our association has made and recognize the accomplishments of our members.

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