Northwestern FFA Competes in the Food Science CDE

By: Jadeyn Berry, Chapter Reporter

The Food Science CDE contest was held virtually, like many of our other contests this year. Instead of an in-person contest, participants completed the contest through an online test. Participants were asked general knowledge questions about food science. They were also asked to identify food science equipment, identify safety and quality issues of foods, and complete a math practicum. This year Desiree Smith, Val Imhoff, Jadeyn Berry, Ava Stoller, Melanie Imhoff, and Hanna Wilson competed in the Food Science CDE contest. At the district contest, the top 4 from the team were Val Imhoff, Desiree Smith, Ava Stoller, and Melanie Imhoff. Val Imhoff earned 4th place, Desiree Smith earned 7th place, Ava Stoller earned 11th place, and Melanie Imhoff earned 17th place. The team went on to compete at the state contest on December 8th where they placed 29th out of 61 teams. Great job everyone!

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