Online Schooling

By: Kayleigh Aiken, Co-Chapter Reporter

As we all know 2020 hasn’t gone how anyone wanted it to go especially for those still in high school. At River Valley High School we have gone through so much so far since the school year started with changing our schooling system multiple times. When this all hit about March of 2020, our school went completely virtual which was very difficult for most and especially for all of the FFA members. When we all started the school year this fall, it wasn’t what we wanted by going on a hybrid school system which made it very difficult for the chapter to hold activities, community service opportunities, and most importantly since ag is a very hands on class it has been hard to teach/learn with only half the students in class because then the other half are missing out. Once we got closer to the middle of our first semester our administration decided to allow us to go Monday through Thursday with going online on Friday. This was the best system for us as a chapter because we were able to learn as a class and be hands on in the classroom. After sometime being all in we got word that we had to go back online starting on December 21- January 19. With getting word we all had to go fully virtual again no one was quite thrilled about that because of the fact that it is so hard for all of us to learn online and actually comprehend the material. With going into the new semester online it worries a lot of the ag students because this is such an important class and we learn so much by being in there everyday. By not being able to be in class renders us from learning lots of important skills that we will use in the future. With all of these changes throughout the year we aren’t excited for going all online because of the difficulty that it brings to learning, but we are hopeful that there are better days to come.

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