Testing the Limits and Completing Projects

By: Kyla Stockdale, Co-Chapter Reporter

After not being able to do the things that we love everyday due to COVID-19, we as a chapter are so excited to be back in the classroom again. Since we started back in school we have had lots of success in doing what we love as a whole, and helping the other members in our chapter do what they love. Quite a few weeks ago we had some amazing and outstanding members start some shop projects that have been really neat to see come to life. One of the first projects that was started was by a sophomore named Dylan Barr. His great grandfather had an old tractor that was run down so he decided to restore it to it’s natural beauty. Not only did he bring it into the shop and do all the work on it, but he was very much so dedicated to finishing this project. Dylan was working on this tractor everyday after school working on it and doing things like taking it apart and restoring some worn out parts, but he also was able to sand blast it and re-paint it. After many hours his project was finally complete and it looked and worked amazing. Dylan wasn’t the only member that had a really amazing project, we also have many members working with our hydroponics tank. Some time ago now they planted some lettuce in small soils cups and once they sprouted, the lettuce sprouts were transferred over to the hydroponics tank. As of right now the lettuce is doing really well, and we are so excited to see how it turns out. Not only are we proud of our chapter as a whole in making the best of this situation, but we are more proud of each member for making this chapter as successful and great as it is.

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