Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast February 23, 2021

We are going slightly drier in our forecast this morning, as each of the next systems that are on track to move through the region are looking less potent.

Today we have a minor wave of moisture moving across MI and into Ontario. We still think that wave will throw clouds and a bit of moisture down into OH, but we are looking for that to be limited to mostly north central and northeast OH, where we see the biggest influence of the lake. We don’t think we see significant precipitation, but there could be a little bit. The rest of the state will turn out at least partly sunny, with the best sun potential down in southern Ohio. Temps today moderate a little bit over yesterday.

The biggest warming comes tomorrow, as Wednesday will be the warmest day of the week. Partly to mostly sunny skies are expected in all areas with the potential for above normal daytime highs. High pressure dominates to finish the week Thursday and Friday, but colder air will sag back in. We remain sunny partly cloudy, but cooler than what is on the way for tomorrow.

On Saturday a weak cold front sweeps through and can trigger some rain. Totals will be limited to a few hundredths to .25″ with the biggest totals in NE Ohio. Coverage will be 60% of the state. Then we are dry again for Sunday and early Monday. A stronger front weeks through Tuesday, but has a significantly smaller footprint than what we were seeing yesterday. From Monday night through Wednesday morning we may see only a few hundredths to .3″ over 50% of the state.

The week finishes cooler and drier, from next Wednesday afternoon through Friday. Overall, this forecast is not bad on temps, but drier on overall moisture potential. The map below shows combined moisture potential for the next 10 days…most of the state is under .4″

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