Amanda-Clearcreek Elects 2021-2022 FFA Officers

With over 150 members in the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Chapter, seven are elected each year to represent the chapter as officers. This year 30 members were eligible to run for office, and 11 members completed the application process, which included a virtual interview by the nominating committee. To become an officer of the A-C FFA chapter, you must have earned the Chapter FFA Degree and you must also plan on enrolling in an agriculture education course at A-C next year.  The election took place February 22, 2021 in the High School Cafetorium.

This year, two juniors and five sophomores were elected to serve. The 2021-2022 officer team as elected are: Sara Sharp (junior) as President, Hannah Saum (sophomore) as Vice President, Karlee Parry (sophomore) as Secretary, Emily Buckly (sophomore) as Treasurer, A.J. Dossman (junior) as Reporter, Alex Williams (sophomore) as Sentinel, and Josie Speakman (sophomore) as Student Advisor.

As President, Sharp runs each monthly meeting, and represents the chapter in a number of functions, including school board meetings. Saum as Vice-President, is in charge of all committee work, and also helps the president whenever needed. Parry’s duties as secretary is to keep the minutes of each and every meeting as well as to keep track of the chapter’s attendance. As the Treasurer, Buckley has to keep track of all the money the chapter receives, and spends. Dossman has the responsibility of publishing monthly newsletters, frequent news releases, and creating the chapter scrapbook. Williams, as Sentinel, is in charge of keeping the meeting room comfortable and he makes sure that all members feel welcome. Additionally, he will assist the other officers and advisors whenever needed. Speakman’s duties as the Student Advisor is to be a role model to all members. She also will give advice to members, as well as assistance when it is needed.

All the officers at Amanda-Clearcreek feel very humbled for being entrusted by their peers to run the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA chapter.

Former President, Morgan Anderson, said, “My vision for our chapter in the 2021-2022 year is to be, simply put, adaptable to any adversity. Being on two different teams that have both faced completely different circumstances, I have firsthand experience of what uncontrollable adversity feels like as not only a chapter member or officer, but a student. I envision this upcoming year to be nothing short of adaptable to anything life throws at us.”

The team would like to thank all members and advisors for the continuous support. They will serve until February 2022.

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