Kinze to expand True Speed Planter models

Responding to strong farmer demand and proven performance, Kinze will expand its True Speed high-speed planting technology to five more planter configurations for the 2022 season. The company is also introducing several new features to enhance its innovative Blue Vantage planter display. 

            Kinze’s 4905 True Speed planter will debut this spring in 16- and 24-row models, providing corn and soybean farmers with seed placement at speeds from 3 to 12 miles per hour. The high-speed technology, developed by Kinze, enables farmers to double the acres planted in a typical day, while maintaining precise singulation and seed spacing with various seed shapes and sizes and quick seed type changeover.

            For 2022, the expanded True Speed lineup will include:

  • A 4905 12R30 configuration, well-suited for smaller operations or a second planter for smaller fields. All three 4905 planters will also offer increased fertilizer capacity for 2022.  
  • 31/32R15 split-row and 16R30 configurations of the Kinze 3665, a 15-inch soybean planter for high-residue conditions with the versatility to also plant crops in 30-inch rows. 
  • 24R30 and 36R20 configurations of the 4705 high-flotation planter for narrow width crops, while also carrying large amounts of seed and fertilizer.  

In addition, new seed discs will be offered with the 2022 True Speed models for planting cotton, sugar beets and milo. All Kinze planters for 2022, including the True Speed models, will also include upgrades being introduced this season that provide improved durability, longer wear life and lower cost of ownership.

“Farmers who had the opportunity to preview or test our high-speed technology this season were highly impressed with its ability to maximize performance in a single pass,” said Susanne Veatch, Kinze president. “With an improving farm economy, many farmers are now ready to make investments to improve their productivity. Having sold out of our high-speed planter lineup for this season, we are excited to expand our True Speed offerings to make the benefits available to more farmers in 2022.”

Kinze will also offer farmers the opportunity to sign up for an online presentation to hear firsthand from company representatives about the True Speed planters and their many features.                                                     

Blue Vantage enhancements

Kinze is also adding exciting new features next season to its Blue Vantage display that provides simple, accurate and intuitive planter control for high productivity planting. Enhancements to the display, which is available with True Speed and the company’s other high-tech planters, will include:

  • Shared coverage mapping, enabling two planters to be in the same field and work together to share coverage data. 
  • Up to four cameras in the display. One camera will be factory-installed for rear viewing when transporting the planter. Kinze customers can order up to three more cameras to install wherever they choose.
  • Adding the Blue Vantage display to the 3505 8-row bulk fill planter model. 

“We’ve had great feedback from our customers about Blue Vantage, which is the industry’s easiest to use, dedicated planter display,” Veatch said. “We’re pleased to offer these upgrades for 2022 to enhance the user experience and overall planting performance.”

Farmers can place orders with their Kinze dealers beginning April 5 of this year for the 2022 True Speed models and enhanced Blue Vantage display. For additional information, contact your Kinze dealer, visit or speak to a Kinze product specialist by calling (888) 599-6630.  

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