Norwayne FFA Has Three Top Four Proficiencies

Norwayne FFA had three proficiency candidates make the top four in their prospective agricultural fields this year. The three participants were Halle Miller, Caitlyn DeMassimo, and Ellyssa Simmons. These members have had active Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAEs) since their first day in our program, and, now that they are seniors, have the opportunity to compete at the state level in their categories.

Caitlyn DeMassimo – Equine Entrepreneurship Proficiency Finalist

Caitlyn DeMassimo’s proficiency is entered in Equine Entrepreneurship. For her SAE Caitlyn, gives horseback riding lessons to people of all ages. She runs her own business by managing the scheduling of her clients, creating the cost for her lessons, and instructing the students during the lessons herself.  In 2019, Caitlyn earned 3rd place in the state for her proficiency, and in 2020 she earned 2nd. 

Ellyssa Simmons – Agricultural Placement Proficiency Finalist 

Ellyssa Simmons competes in the proficiency area of Agricultural Sales Placement. She currently works at her family’s butcher shop in Creston, Ohio, Whitefeather Meats. Some key points in her SAE are helping customers and creating the schedule. She also trains employees on the Point of Sales system and hires new cashiers for the front of house operations. Ellyssa has been in FFA for five years and has held 3 officer positions. 

Halle Miller – Small Animal Production Proficiency Finalist

Halle Miller’s proficiency is entered in Small Animal Production. For her SAE, Halle breeds Bordoodle puppies, and sells them. She manages the genetics of her females and also tests the sperm quality of her males. Other key points in Halle’s SAE are practicing good breeding ethics, researching safe and responsible buyers, and practicing early social stimulation techniques with her puppies.  Halle has been in FFA for four years. 

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