Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast March 1, 2021

Our forecast is drier this morning, and that makes things pretty simple over the next 10 days. Moisture that moved into and across Ohio yesterday and overnight light night will exit quickly in any eastern part of the state where it is lingering this morning by midday at the latest. From there forward, we are precipitation free, statewide, thorough midweek next week.

This afternoon clouds will break up. Sun comes out quicker today in west central and northwest Ohio, but takes longer south and east. Temps will be colder than the incredible mild push we had yesterday. Temps stay cool tomorrow, but will be a few degrees warmer than today. High pressure settles in for your Tuesday.

Wednesday south winds bump temps up a bit, with normal to slightly above normal daytime highs for Thursday as well. We see temps pull back a bit to finish the week and for the weekend, with the coldest likely on Saturday.

Next week we will have warmer air returning over all areas. Through all of this up and down temperature movement through the rest of this week and next, we see partly to mostly sunny skies dominate. Only near the end of the 10 day window next Wednesday do we see a few sprinkles trying to develop. However, at this time, we think the atmosphere will be very dry, and it will take more than minor moisture to really get good precipitation going. In fact, for right now we will only introduce some clouds in the official forecast for midweek next week.

Through the entire forecast, from this afternoon forward, we will see net drying over the state. Evaporation rates will be at least a tenth of an inch per day on colder days, to nearly .25″ on mild days. We will see the mud dry up pretty quickly under those circumstances. The map below shows total moisture potential from this afternoon through next Wednesday.

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