Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast March 15, 2021

We turn out cloudy today with moisture working across Ohio from this afternoon through the overnight into early tomorrow morning. We expect the bulk of the precipitation will be rain, but cold enough temps will be in over NW OH to allow some wet snow flakes to mix it. We don’t think that will be much. By the time we get to tomorrow midday, we will have picked up .25″-.6″ over 80% of Ohio.

Clouds give way to some late sun tomorrow afternoon. WE turn out partly sunny on Wednesday as well. While we will be cool, we will not be below normal in this time frame. Clouds build again late Wednesday and Wednesday night.

Rain is back after midnight Wednesday and holds through all of Thursday. These rains look a little stronger now, and we are projecting rain potential of .25″-.75″ over 90% of Ohio. Most of that increase in precipitation potential comes thanks to a longer tail…meaning we see rain lingering through at least Friday early afternoon, especially in southern Ohio (south of I-70).

We dry out late Friday. Then high pressure takes control over MI and southern Ontario. This will promote sunshine and blue sky all weekend, and through at least Tuesday of next week. Temps will be near normal over the weekend and above normal by next Tuesday afternoon. A cold front arrives next Wednesday with rain potential of up to .4″ with coverage at 70%. The front is not very impressive at this time.

So, over the next 10 days, our best moisture potential comes late this week. We will follow it, though, with 4 days of good evaporation, so the impact on the soil profile still seems likely to be underwhelming. Overall, rain totals for the next 10 days are below normal (see map below). We are less concerned about cold later next week now, and in fact we could be looking at the coldest air of the next 10 days sitting on top of us today and tomorrow.

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