Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast March 18, 2021

A wet day over Ohio today. Rain will be with us all day long, but will be finished just ahead of sunrise tomorrow morning. Rain totals today look to have a wide range, from .5″ to 1.5″ and we wont rule out a few places making a run at 2″. The map below shows our projections. The heaviest rains likely will be in central OH, but we don’t want to get too cute trying to say who gets what. The low for this system tracks from southern IL, across southern IN and into the southern tip of OH over the next 24 hours…setting up that consistent rain band to the north side of the low across the middle of the state.

We are dry tomorrow through the weekend and at least the first half of next week. Temps will be cooler tomorrow behind this system as clouds give way to sun. But we moderate over the weekend and should be normal to above normal on temps Sunday through Wednesday. We should see evaporation average at least .2″ per day Sunday through Wednesday, so hopefully moisture works into the soil profile rather quickly.

A front for Wednesday night and Thursday is uncertain on timing, but will likely trigger some scattered light shower. Coverage expected to be 80%, but we can see .25″-1″. Right now we are projecting Thursday and Friday, but that can change. The bigger rains fall earlier in the week in NW IA, WI, northern IL and MI… but we are tapping in to Gulf of Mexico moisture as the frontal remains come here. Behind that front we go dry again to finish the week for Saturday and Sunday.

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