Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast March 31, 2021

A cold front works through the rest of the state today, bringing moisture, but more impressively, much, much colder air. Rains from this event will total .1″-1″ with the biggest totals from I-70 south. NE Ohio will end up with .25″-.4″, and NW OH a tenth or less. Coverage of moisture will end up being 90% of Ohio. See map below. But, temps will be falling hard…a good 30 degrees or more cooler than yesterday. Winds will be gusty too, out of the NW, ushering the cold air in. Rains are done by mid to late morning in NW OH, but will linger well after sunset south and east. As temps drop tonight and tomorrow, lingering moisture in far eastern parts of the state may switch over to wet snowflakes.

The coldest part of this airmass settles in over us tomorrow. Temps struggle to move much out of the lower to middle 30s. Clouds hold firm as well, due to wrap around moisture circulating around the low that is moving off to the northeast. High pressure will try and settle in over the top of us later tomorrow and tomorrow night, and that will be where the coldest part of the airmass resides. That high begins a slow move eastward Friday, and that will promote the development of south flow. While we are still looking at cold air controlling most areas, that south flow will make Friday not quite as cold as tomorrow.

The weekend looks good with sunshine dominating saturday through monday. TEmps jump to above normal levels and we see good drying through near maximum evaporation.

Expect a mix of clouds and sun next Tuesday and Wednesday and we cant rule out scattered showers sagging in over Ohio, particularly over the northern half of the state. Coverage either day (Tuesday or Wednesday) will be 50% or less. Combined rain totals can be .25″-.75″ in areas where rain comes together. This is not a well organized event, but rather moisture drifting south out of an active precipitation path for next week running from the Dakotas through the Great Lakes.

WE finish the 10 day period with mostly sunny skies next Thursday and Friday, with temps remaining above normal. Overall, we should see net drying over the next 9 days after today, if we can miss the action next Tuesday and Wednesday. Even if some areas get that rain, we still are not looking at anything dramatic that starts to cause concern over excessive moisture.

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