West Holmes FFA members competed many competitions in March

By Chloe Shumaker, chapter reporter

On March 2nd, 19 members took the Greenhand quiz. This quiz is about the history of the FFA and the FFA creed. The team placed 20th out of 150 teams. Individually, Ashley Tate was 16th, Laina Croskey was 30th, Logan Vansickle was 183rd, Maison Carter was 400th, Wyatt Schlauch was 423rd, Olivia Gerber was 547th, Natalie Rohr was 616th, Grant Miller was 630th, Liberty Hendrix was 703rd, Derek Miller was 713th, Maren Drzazga was 737th, Wyatt Myers was 939th, Taelor Patterson was 985th, John Maloney was 1080th, Zoee Snow was 1100th, Jimmy Lesiak was 1355th, Isabella Starner was 1395th, Torrie Savage was 1524th, and Blake Mathew was 1824th. 

14 members took the Farm Business Management quiz. The team placed 26th out of 82 teams.  Individually, Maria Steiner was 38th, Dakotah Ringwalt was 191st, Becca Schuch was 210th, Garrett Houin was 213th, Sarah Irwin was 275th, Natasha Averbuhk was 296th, Jess Miller was 351st, Ally Ogi was 434th, Ethan Feikert was 456th, Sami Kendall was 548th, Alysa Pringle was 558th, Olivia Sampsuel was 567th, Kadan McDougale was 622nd, and Pacee Miller was 673rd.  There were 737 individuals in the contest. 

On March 3rd, members participated in the Wilmington Judging contest. The dairy cattle team placed 15th out of 47 teams. Individually Alysa Pringle was 41st, Sara Irwin was 57th, John Maloney was 97th, Becca Schuch was 147th, Pacee Miller was 166th, Wyatt Schlauch was 167th, Jess Miller was 176th Olivia Sampsuel was 208th, and Ansen Hall was 280th. The horse team was 40th out of 62 teams. Individually, Taryn Grassbaugh was 81st, Ally Ogi was 129th, Garrett Houin was 223rd, and Dakotah Ringwalt was 287th. The general livestock team was 84th out of 121 teams. Individually, Jayme Pennell was 448th, Maren Drzazga was 478th, Cora Crilow was 484th, Jess Miller was 871st, Sami Kendall was 898th, Ethan Feikert was 1102nd, Leah Reining was 1256th, Pacee Miller was 1387th, and Grant Miller was 1395th.

On March 5th, 4 members participated in the state Ag Power Diagnostics contest. The team placed 46th out of 78 teams. Individually, Syrus Tish was 111th, Wyatt Myers was 234th, Clay Shepler was 237th, and Tyler Eichelberger was 357th.

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