4R Program Highlights “Right People in video series

Almost everyone in agriculture knows the 4Rs: “Right Source at the Right Rate, at the Right Time and in the Right Place.” But how often do we stop to consider that crucial fifth ‘R’ — the Right People? 

Launched in 2014, the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Certification Program would not have gotten off the ground without the coming together of the Right People – agriculturalists, environmentalists, academics, policy makers and many more stakeholders. This unique blend of seemingly disparate groups saw a need for a science-based program to proactively work toward the long-term improvement of waterways — and from their efforts, the 4R Program was born.

Today, the 4R Program continues to rely on the Right People — the employees of 4R Certified facilities and independent crop consultants who drive the program forward every day. As the trusted advisers of farmer customers, all employees play a part in advocating for the 4R Program, from CEOs and office staff to custom applicators and agronomists. 

To highlight the “boots on the ground” employees who drive the program, the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Certification Program is undertaking a company-driven video series called “Right People.” This selfie-style video series feature the faces of 4R Certified nutrient service providers that implement the 4R Principles each and every day. These “Right People” will share their story on why the 4R Certification Program is important to them, their company and their farmer customers. Already, 4R Certified participant Luckey Farmers, Inc. has completed a series highlighting 5 employees who work with the 4R Program at the company. 

In addition to facility-focused videos, the 4R Program is also highlighting farmers who are working with 4R Certified facilities through the “Farmer Stories” series. First in the series is Jack Sommers of Urbana who works with 4R Certified Integrated Ag Services. Utilizing the 4Rs with the guidance of Integrated Ag, Sommers strategically places nutrients to improve crop efficiency and reduce runoff, protecting his local water source, the Urbana City water field. 

Both the Luckey series and Sommer’s interview are available on the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Certification Program’s YouTube channel: bit.ly/3dMv2Hu

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