FFA members Keyara Davis (left) and Katelyn Dill allow a student to explain their Color Crazy animal where they camouflaged a wild animal to their environment.

ME Elementary Goes WILD

FFA member Ethan Paulus blindfolds a student before playing a game of the Thicket Game where the blindfolded student has to use their senses to find hidden classmates. The game mimics how predators use their senses to find prey.

Students from the Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter had the tables turned for a day when they became teachers at Miami East Elementary School on Monday, April 13.  24 second-year students enrolled in Plant and Animal Sciences were trained in Project WILD earlier in April and then prepared 20 minute lessons to educate second and third graders about wildlife and wildlife habitats.  
The goal of Project WILD is to assist learners of any age in developing the awareness, knowledge, skills, and commitment to result in informed decisions, responsible behavior, and constructive actions concerning wildlife and the environment upon which all life depends. Ms. Linda Raterman of the Miami County Soil and Water Conservation District was responsible for the training and lesson development the FFA members went through. In 2021 all training was completed virtually.

One group played “Animal Charades” to teach about domesticated and wild animals. Dustin Winner, Isaac Beal, and Spencer Triplett worked with Mrs. Elizabeth Field’s class.

In the game Color Crazy, students learned about an animal’s ability to adapt to their environment through camouflage. Keyara Davis and Katelynn Dill taught Mrs. Ashley Demmitt the Color Crazy game.

During a game of freeze tag between predators and pray, two classes learned the game of Quick Frozen Critters. Megan Gilliland and Alex Fergerson worked with Mrs. Amanda Riley’s classroom. Jillian Niswonger, Luke Brunke, Sydney Brittain, and Ashlee Deaton visited Mrs. Becky Blackton’s class.

Several groups taught the activity of the Thicket Game where students hid as in a prey versus predator activity. They hid throughout the classroom as one classmate called their name when they were found. Ethan Paulus, Matthew Osting, and Kendal Staley visited Mrs. Tammy Mumford’s classroom. Annabelle Penny, Sumsaar Thapa, and Trenton Maxson visited Mrs. Patty Gentis’s classroom. Ethan Fine, Braden Zekas, Dottie Everett, and Madison Avey visited Mrs. Megan Noll’s classroom. Adi Richter, Sera Rush, and Keira Kirby visited Mrs. Katie Mason’s classroom.

According to Raterman, Project WILD is endorsed by the Ohio Department of Education (Divisions of Curriculum and Instruction and Professional Development), Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Ohio Wildlife Federation, League of Ohio Sportsmen.

FFA member Megan Gilliland (center) explains the rules of a game of Quick Frozen Critters where students pretend to be prey and predators in a game a freeze tag.

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