Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast April 8, 2021

Our forecast is getting just a little more active across Ohio. As we take a look at the setup here, we’re wet the next couple of days today and tomorrow, we’re dealing with moisture moving through from a frontal boundary. Then it doesn’t really make its presence known here till closer to mid day in the Western counties.

And then we see moisture continue to track across the rest of the state through the evening. And overnight tonight, I think your Friday looks pretty cloudy as well. The initial push of the front is one thing, but I think. Uh, still a flow of moisture through the state for your Friday, kind of wrapping around the backside.

The low pressure area that is tracking across the upper Midwest is a very slow mover right now all told I like a, a half an inch for today through tonight. And then we may add another few hundreds to a 10th or two tomorrow. Today’s coverage. We’ll be pushing well, I should say today, and tonight’s coverage will be pushing 80% and I think tomorrow’s coverage dials back closer to 50.

We take a little bit of a break on Saturday during the daytime hours, but overnight Saturday night through Sunday, rain and thunderstorms rap through I’m liking the initial front swing of a quarter to one inch. And then I think we will see a long tail of this moisture, wraparound moisture staying here through Sunday.

And maybe even through Monday that could. Allow another 10th to half an inch to fall over most of Ohio. So overall from the event, we are bumping rain totals from our previous numbers, but it’s because we’re adding days of moisture. We don’t clear out very quickly behind this weekend system. So if clouds stick around through Monday, and if we see moisture, we’re looking at our next day of some sunshine coming Tuesday.

And when that comes, it’s coming with much colder air. That’s the big story for next week, Tuesday through Saturday, a sharp drop in temperatures as Canadian air sags, a southward over the great lakes, upper Midwest, and even into the Eastern corn belt. Well below normal temperatures are possible several days.

Next week, we do see moisture potential next Wednesday night through early Thursday morning in Southern parts of Ohio South ward. We can see a few hundreds to maybe half an inch. And then again, in the cold air mass late in the week, Friday afternoon, Friday night. Where you can see a few hundreds of an inch to a 10th or two from northward.

So we’re not going to be seeing exceptionally good dry down next week in the cool air. And we are going to add some more moisture and that’s on top of some moderate to heavy rains that we see this weekend. Really all of this adds up. And to me says, we probably slow talk and progression of field work here just a little bit over the next couple of weeks.

I don’t think any of the moisture is excessive, but it definitely should slow our progress of getting into the field and maybe even putting seeds in the ground just a little bit. That’s the way things are stacking up. Have a great rest of your week.

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