Gov. DeWine ending supplemental unemployment aid

On Thursday, Governor Mike DeWine announced that on June 26 Ohio will be ending the supplemental unemployment aid from the federal government. The unemployment checks, totaling $300 per week, were part of the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program.

“The unemployment supplement from the federal government helped many Ohioans get through a very challenging time, but it was intended to be a short-term solution,” said Adam Sharp, executive vice president of Ohio Farm Bureau. “As businesses continue to do their best to respond to the growing demand across the food and farm sector, there are plentiful opportunities for the state’s workforce to get back on the job to help Ohio’s economy return to pre-pandemic levels. We appreciate Gov. DeWine taking the steps needed for the long-term success of Ohio’s employers and their employees.”

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  1. Why would a Governor choose to cut off millions of dollars coming into the state? That is millions of dollars that could have flowed into the coffers of Ohio businesses. People on unemployment spend money! People who have no income do not spend money.

    Our industry is in the baby steps stage of re-opening. Most of the venues that provide us work are still not opening fully. There are not going to be sufficient gigs available for some time. That Federal money was allocated to help us through until the work returned. Now the Governor has decided to take all help away and damage the recovering economy. I thought he was all about helping small business, but apparently he just expects all the small businesses that were relying on that Federal money until they could recover from the National disaster to just close shop. Great move, Governor!

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