Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast May 13, 2021

Sunny, warm and dry for the next 4 days, today through Sunday. Temps will be near normal (finally) over most of the state. We should see good drying and evaporation through this period.

We are going wetter now for all of next week. The biggest rains come Monday into early Tuesday where we can see .25″-1.5″ rain totals over 80% of Ohio. But the rest of the week, Tuesday through Saturday, we have to put scattered showers in the forecast pretty much every day now. We may see no better than 60% coverage any of those days, but showers will be around. Combined, for the Tuesday to Saturday period, we can see an additional .25″-.75″ over 100% of the state. Combined, that makes for a very wet week. The map below shows Monday through Saturday totals.

At this point, we see no reason to deviate from that wetter pattern in the extended period, although admittedly computer models are flip-flopping and alternating wet and dry runs. However, if the pattern really is as active next week as we now are projecdting…it will be difficult to see that stop abruptly…and so we are putting scattered showers in the forecast with 50% coverage through at least the 27th.

This is not the kind of forecast we really want or need for large scale planting progress. But, it does suggest that if you get some ground that becomes fit in the next 3-4 days…best pursue that opportunity.

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