Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast May 28, 2021

Rain around through your Friday today. Rains started last night and will continue past sunset. A second wave of moisture affects mostly northern parts of Ohio overnight tonight through midday to early afternoon tomorrow. All told we expect event rain totals to be .25″ to .5″ on the low end, and 1.25″ or better on the top end. The key to whether or not you see the higher end of the rain range will come down to thunderstorms. Either way, it will be a drippy, soggy day today and that feeling will linger into tomorrow from I-70 north. We see temps make another leg down behind this front, and we will be well below normal for this weekend. That likely is a bigger story than rain, at this point. The map below shows temps tomorrow afternoon as compared to normal.

Sunday sunshine returns to all areas. We stay sunny and dry through Memorial Day and Tuesday. Temps will remain cool for Sunday, but Monday and Tuesday sneak closer to normal. We should see good drying those days, and also expect breezy conditions, at least Monday-Tuesday.

The second half of next week is much more unsettled now. We are putting chances of scattered showers in the forecast for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Wednesday and Thursday we will only see 50% coverage either day, with potential for a few hundredths up to .5″. Friday action is limited more to the southern third of Ohio, and ranges from .25″-.75″. However, Saturday we move to 90% coverage and with totals at .25″-.5.. So over all, there is a good chance we get wet multiple times to finish the week next week, and the moisture potential could be more than we really want. In addition, if it is raining, we are not going to be seeing any drying. This is a forecast we can reluctantly live with for crops in the ground, but if you still have some acres to go, your windows of opportunity are pretty narrow to non-existent, given the rains to start this forecast and the rains again at the end. The map below shows rain potential for the combined 4 day period to end next week.

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