Spring CDE Success from the A-C FFA

By: A.J. Dossman, chapter reporter

Spring has sprung! To FFA members, this is the busiest time of the year. This spring, six Career Development Event teams, and over 30 A-C FFA members competed at the state level. These six teams competed with tremendous efforts, despite the current Coronavirus Pandemic. Due to the pandemic, these teams had to compete virtually.

The teams competed are: Ag Issues Forum, Meats Evaluation, General Livestock, Dairy Cattle, Poultry, and Agronomy.

The Ag Issues Forum CDE team consisting of Hannah Saum, Morgan Cowdrey, Emily Buckley, Autumn Parry, and Karlee Parry competed at the state contest on April 24. This contest requires the team to deliver an approximate 15-minute presentation about an agricultural topic to a panel of judges, and then they must answer seven minutes of questions. The team placed second at the state competition.

The Meats Evaluation team consisting of Riley McKeska, Hannah Saum, Alex Williams, Eian McKnight, and Lily Dennis competed at the state contest April 27. This contest requires members to rank various meat carcasses based on the quality of meat, and then identify cuts of meat from beef, pork, and lamb animals. This team of sophomores placed tenth in the state.

Members in the Livestock Judging contest were evaluated on their ability to judge four common meat animals. The test assesses their knowledge of animal diseases and their history. This year the team consisted of: Allie Poston, Drew Evans, Olivia Hutchinson, Kaylee Sharp, Sara Sharp, Emily Buckley, Grace Davis,and Lily Dennis.  The State contest was held on March 29. The team placed seventeenth in the state contest.

The Dairy Cattle team consisted of Kaylee Sharp, Brandon Bosch, Sara Sharp, and Jada Poling.  Competitors were challenged with pedigree evaluation, sire selection, linear evaluation, a written test, placing classes and written class reasons. This team placed 38th in the state of Ohio. This is the first time in over a decade that the A-C FFA has had a team in this CDE.

For the Poultry contest, members were tested on their understanding of the poultry industry. This contest consists of an online written test, candling eggs, identification of meat cuts, judging live birds, judging processed patties, and judging carcasses. The team included Dorothea West, Stephanie Bowers, Jay Sahr, Autumn Parry, and Josie Speakman. The State contest was held on March 29, and the team placed seventh in the state. Individually, we’d like to congratulate Dorothea for placing fifth individually at the state level!

Congratulations to the Agronomy team consisting of Emily McCormick, Brandon Bosch, Anthony Buckley, Riley McKeska, and Cody McCormick for placing a respectable 12th place in the state contest.The team was tested on their knowledge and understanding of the crop industry, members had to take a multiple choice online test, identify insect pests, and identify crops and weeds by their seeds, leaves, or whole plant.

Congratulations to all members that participated in Spring CDE contests. Your ability to adapt to current conditions, hard work, and dedication is evident. The staff and students at Amanda-Clearcreek are ever so proud of you. 

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