Big rains slowing field work in some areas

Bill Daugherty

The crops are looking really good. There is plenty of moisture, heat and humidity. We had a few bean replant issues. I replanted about 80 acres last week. We have that back in the ground now so we are pleased with that. Some of the field came up and some did not. We replanted at an angle to not tear up what was there. With the prices right, now we wanted to protect yield and get everything we can out of this crop.

We got our second cutting haylage all made last week. We still have our first cutting dry hay to make, probably about 40 acres. We might start mowing that today. We are going to hit it hard. This will be heifer hay and some for bedding. We just want to get it made dry and not tough. We’ll do some tedding this week to help that. Then we are going to mow some new seedings Wednesday and chop Thursday before the weeds get too aggressive. They are looking pretty good as well. 

We had a nice rain this weekend. We have not had huge rains and they have been spread out. We have not had the heavy dumping rains, which has been good. The crops are responding pretty well.

We are about halfway done sidedressing nitrogen. We got everything we planted early sidedressed already. Then we’ll start spraying beans the second time around. We have not seen a whole lot of weed pressure yet. We got a few corn fields planted into no-till sod we had to hit with Roundup and a few bean fields we had to clean up. We’ll go back in another 10 days or so and hit it again. 

Ross Black

We got close to a half inch of rain out of our last rain event. We got the corn sidedressed and have the nitrogen on. The corn is starting to green up and really take off now. Every morning I look at the corn and it is putting on almost a leaf a day. Beans are putting on a trifoliate a day. The wheat is really starting to come on too. 

The wheat looks excellent. It is just starting to bend its head. We are hoping before the end of the week we can get it cut before the next rain. It is an excellent stand and it is not falling over. I was always told by my elders that if you can look into a wheat crop and you can see the ground it is probably not going to be a good wheat crop. You can’t see the ground out in the fields of wheat this year.

We spray fungicide every year. It is a good insurance policy. Most guys around here do the same thing. Very rarely have we had wheat this far along at this point. We had 90-degree temperatures and nice rain which really helped finish this wheat.

On the western side of the farm, the moisture is really in pretty good shape. As we work our way east, though, into Franklin County it is dry. We had corn rolled up yesterday afternoon. In my fields on the west you get mud stuck to your boots. We definitely have both extremes in about 30 miles. 

Corn and soybeans really look good. We are thankful we didn’t have a ton of big rains this spring. I don’t think I’ve run through a wet hole yet. The crops are growing and so are the weeds. There will definitely need to be some action on weeds in the next 2 to 3 weeks. We have a lot of small marestail and other weeds. 

Don Jackson

It finally dried out. We were out for about 2 weeks and couldn’t get anything done. We had about 4 days last week where we could finally get back in. Then on Friday we got 2 more inches of rain.

Overall we have come through it pretty well. We have some low lying areas of corn. It is yellow and stunted. We are hoping it will come out of it but we just keep getting enough rain to keep it wet. It is having a hard time.

We were able to get mostly sidedressed last week. We didn’t quite make it when a rain moved in Friday. We are staying ahead of the big corn. We are down to about 160 acres and we have another week or 10 days to still get through it. Hopefully we can miss the rain today and then we have until the end of the week to get some work done before more rain comes. 

We have not seen a whole lot of disease yet. We tried some in-furrow full season fungicide this year. We’ll see how that goes. We got off with a rocky start with the cool wet weather with that and had some delayed emergence issues. I was hoping to get V5 or V6 corn sprayed with fungicide. I’m not sure if we’ll make that or not. We were hoping to have some different checks on fungicide this year but I’m not sure we’ll get it done.

We finished herbicides on the corn last week. We are big advocates on getting fall spraying done. Weed control is very good so far.

John Schumm

We have been dodging some scattered rains. Here we have had about 4.5 inches in the last 10 days. It has come over 4 days so it was not a downpour, but most of the pockets that usually hold water are holding water. Most of the corn is really taking off. It won’t be long until we see chest high corn in the neighborhood. The soybeans were not in a very active stage, but now they are turning a bright green and are off to a really good start.

We just got done spraying most of our Liberty. Next we hope to put some foliar feed and a half rate of fungicide on. There is some concern about disease. 

We are going to have a cool day tomorrow then back into the 80s. I think we are in perfect growing conditions with the moisture we have. Things look really good through the Fourth of July with the weather.

Weed control is really good. Where we have the rye down we have very few weeds, but we still treat those fields like they are weedy because we want them clean. Those who were out sidedressing before the rain have corn that is really taking off. 

If we run into a dry spell, we will have moisture for a while. The mat from our rye cover crop does not let the sun beat on the ground and helps hold that moisture in the ground. 

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