Northwestern-Wayne FFA Honors Hard Working Members

By Jadeyn Berry, chapter reporter

After not having a regular, in person banquet for a year Northwestern FFA was very excited to recognize their members for all their hard work and dedication at an in person banquet. The theme this year was “Strive in the mountains.”  Our Chapter was able to give out numerous awards, scholarships, recognize CDE teams, star members, and show the community how hard members have worked even while in a pandemic.  Every year the Northwestern-Wayne FFA chapter has three main fundraisers, to help keep the chapter running and be able to contribute to our community. We sell fruit, sausage, and strawberries. Each year the chapter honors our top two salesmen for each fundraiser. This year for the fruit fundraiser Rylee Dawson was the Star Fruit Salesman, with Kade Tegtmeier being the Runner-up Fruit Salesman. Desiree Smith was the Star Sausage Salesman, selling a total of 510 lbs of sausage. Kade Tegtmeier was the Runner-up, and he sold a total of 180 lbs of sausage. For the annual strawberry sale, Cole Wharton was the Star Salesman, having sold 61 total flats of berries. Desiree Smith and Kade Tegtmeier sold 58 total flats each, making them the Runner-up Strawberry Salesmen. Congratulations to all salespeople and thank you for your hard work.  Another portion of the awards ceremony focused on the member’s proficiency areas. Proficiency awards are meant to recognize members for their outstanding performance in their Supervised Agricultural Experiences or SAEs. This year, the proficiencies include stars in the area of Dairy Production, Beef Production, Dairy Production, Diversified Livestock Production, Poultry Production, Goat Production, Vegetable Production, Small Animal Production, Sheep Production, Swine Production Entrepreneurship, and Ag Processing Placement. Lizzy Howman and Jacoby Gilbert both received recognition for their efforts in their Dairy Production placement. Both have worked countless hours on the farm learning all of the responsibilities and dealing with all the struggles. For Dairy Placement Austin Beegle was the winner of this award and Jadeyn Berry was runner up. Both work very hard on dairy farms and are learning skills that will last them a lifetime. In the area of Diversified Livestock Production, Riley Stull was recognized. Desiree Smith was recognized as the Star in Poultry Production, along with the Star Small Animal Production and Care proficiency areas with Audrey Franks being the runner up in both as well. Riley Stull was also recognized as Star Goat Production- Entrepreneurship. Riley Stull also was recognized as Star Sheep- Entrepreneurship with Kade Tegtmeier as runner up. Stull was also recognized as Star Swine Production with Kaleb Badger as runner up. Dugan McLaughlin was recognized as the Star Vegetable Production- Placement. Ari Borton was also recognized as a Star for her Ag Processing-Placement. Congratulations and great work to all FFA members in your SAE and Proficiency areas.  Each year the chapter also recognizes Star members from each year of FFA membership. Each member starts off their first year as a Greenhand, then second year they become a Chapter member, then a County, then finally a Dekalb. This year Mallory Gilbert was chosen as Star Greenhand. Hanna Wilson and Kade Tegtmeier were recognized as Star Chapter members. Jadeyn Berry was selected as the Star County member. Finally Valerie Imhoff and Desiree Smith were chosen as the Star Dekalb members. These members all showed qualities of leadership, which every FFA member should possess, and also contributed to the chapter. Congratulations to all members for your achievements within our organization.  When becoming an FFA member, you are not only opening yourself up for opportunities to develop real-life skills, you are also making yourself available for many different scholarships. This year the chapter gave out a total of 5 scholarships. Riley Stull was chosen for The Rebecca Stull Memorial Scholarship, Kaitlyn Praisler was chosen for The FFA Alumni Scholarship, Valerie Imhoff was chosen for the Northwestern FFA Scholarship, Kaitlyn Praisler was chosen for the The Fulk Family scholarship, and Riley Stull was chosen for the scholarship awarded by Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Keener and Commodity Blenders. Congratulations to all members. Another huge part of FFA is participating in Career Development Events, and our teams wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication from our coaches. Northwestern-Wayne would like to thank the coaches of our CDE event teams for their support towards our chapter. With COVID-19 most CDE events took place online, therefore most teams did not have coaches. Instead, our chapter needed proctors for online tests. Thank you Mr. Brent Martin, Mr. Scott St. Clair, Mr. Craig Wiley, and Mrs. McCumber for all of your help and support. Our chapter also recognizes members who are outstanding in the areas of leadership, and this year Valerie Imhoff, Desiree Smith, Lizzy Howman, and Riley Stull earned this award. Thank you for your hard work and excellent leadership skills.  An important part of being involved in FFA is the academic aspect. Our chapter recognized 62 members for their excellent performance in their ag classes these members were Issac Beun, Jonathan Burgess, Mateo Dague, Morgan Ervin, Jamison Gilbert, Mallory Gilbert, Avery Mullet, Mason Myers, Miranda Smith, Taylor Wurst, Madalyn Yasch, Kayla Cutter, Nathaniel Fulton, Will Hamey, Alysa Troyan, Kaleb Badger, Brooke Stinemetz, Easton Thomas, Anthony Welch,  Ellie Hanshaw, Kirsten Boreman, Haley Caldwell, Hayden Cline, Kade Tegtmeier, Ella Saal, Gabby Ream, Logan Garman, and Jacoby Gilbert, Aubrey Browning, James Pitts, Mary Wellert, Hunter Hall, Ava O’loughlin, Lauren Vaughan, Harley Parsons Keegan Johns, Jozielynn Brenner,  Mel Imhoff, Ava Stoller, Hanna Wilson, and Kelly Harper, Avery Garver, Mariah Hill, Rylee Dawson, Zoey Dudte, Ari Borton, Kara McKay, Ethan Schwartz, Andrew Sims, Troy Tope, Jadeyn Berry, Alexandria Hostetler, Austin Wilhelmy, Kyle Mosher, Dugan McLaughlin, Max Madrill, Lizzy Howman, Val Imhoff, Riley Stull, Desiree Smith, Cole Wharton, and Craig Wellert. Congratulations on your academic excellence. The chapter awards members of both the community and the chapter with recognition in the areas of fundraising, proficiency areas, scholarships, coaching, leadership, and good grades. Everyone is welcome in the FFA and there are always opportunities to learn and improve.

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