Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast June 3, 2021

Moisture lingers over the Ohio for a second day today. Showers are not expected to have as much of an impact as yesterday, but we still can see an additional .1”-.5” over 90% of Ohio. The cloud and the rain keeps temps under a lid for the day today. Clouds start to break up tonight, but we will not see complete clearing until likely tomorrow afternoon.

We will be sunny, warm and dry for the weekend and next Monday. Temps will be above normal over the entire state, and we see good evaporation and drying. Unsettled weather follows that dry stretch. We can’t rule out scattered shows Tuesday through Friday. These showers will be triggered by heat based instability, and the longer we go in the week the more likely we are to see some thunderstorms as well. Daily rains (without thunderstorms) will be up to .4” with at least 60% coverage. For the 4 day period, we see combined rain totals of at least half to 1 inch. Thunderstorms can push those totals higher on a localized basis. Everybody looks to be getting wet at some point next week in the Tuesday to Friday window, and some areas multiple times. The best chance for thunderstorms will develop in central and southern Ohio late next week, Thursday night and Friday night. The map below shows 4 day rain totals next Tuesday through Friday.

We return to dry weather for next weekend, for the 12th and 13th. Monday the 14th kicks off a mostly dry week as well, .Temps will be climbing and we will be hot for mid-month, likely running 5-10 degrees above normal for that time of year .

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