2021-2022 West Holmes officer team retreat

On July 13th, the 2021-2022 West Holmes officer team met at the high school to kick off the annual officer retreat. The team wrote one funny, one ffa, and one serious questions on notecards to answer later at the campfire. Then they made up a menu and list of items needed for meals the next two days. They then went to Rodhes and got the supplies they needed. After returning they met with former National FFA president Kolesen McCoy for their first session. In their first session they talked about how to focus on things in the chapter and the responsibilities within them. They talked about how people think things go, even though we know what is really happening behind the scenes like a duck swimming from the outside. Everything looks fine, but underneath they could be struggling. After the first session they loaded everything up and headed to Lake Buckhorn. Once everything was unloaded they took some time to play bucketball and then made lunch. After lunch they started the second session where they learned about time management and how to balance everything you do in life using a time matrix. Once the second session was over they took a pontoon ride on the lake. After taking a pontoon ride they went into session three where they learned about different types of people in a team and how to work with each other. Once their final session was over they spent some time playing bucket ball on the dock while they prepared dinner and got a campfire going. Once dinner was over they had campfire where they had some final thoughts with Kolesen before he headed out. Before heading to bed they shared some of their answers to the notecards to get to know each other and made s’mores. Once they woke up the next morning they ate breakfast and got ready and took pictures. After pictures they talked about good things and bad things of the past year, goals they have for themselves and the chapter, things they need to change and things they need to add or take away. Once they got some goals decided for the year we took some time to go on another pontoon ride and then have some lunch. After lunch was over we took some time to decide on t-shirts, polos, and this year’s fair booth theme. They also talked about the different roles each office has. Then they packed everything up, did some cleaning and headed back to the school. Once they got back to the school they put things away and worked on the calendars for the year. They would like to thank the Rohr family for the use of their lake house, the Gerber family for the use of their pontoon, and Kolesen McCoy for facilitating sessions for us. 

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