After a slow start, weeds are roaring now

By Harold Watters and Greg LaBarge, Ohio State University Extension

With the crappy spring we missed proper burndown timing, pre-emergent herbicide application, and now are working on missing the proper timing for post applications. In 2020 we lost the soybean dicamba products after June 30, and now that is permanent with the new labels. In most years and most scenarios we should be done with soybean spraying by July 1, right.

The Ohio, Indiana & Illinois Weed Control Guide is a great resource for getting management tips on how best to apply herbicides. See the recommendation tables to choose products for these post applications. The Guide is available from our now reopened county Extension offices, or look for more information on-line from Mark Loux on his Weed Management website:

Our OSU Weed Scientists tell us to rotate our technologies. If you have Enlist beans this year, then next year LibertyLink genetics, and the year after Extend — and with the stacked herbicide tolerant technologies you could almost choose a rotating herbicide application scheme with any of these — BUT do read the seed tag and the label to make sure what is safe. 

The problem is the weeds are smarter than we are. They may see this pattern and get ahead of us. One thing that has made all of these herbicide technologies work better is a thorough pre-emergent weed control program. The “TakeAction” website can help you plan a great weed control program, too: Think really, really hard about being thorough next year — starting with a fall application, then a spring burndown with a pre-emergent herbicide.

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