Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast July 1, 2021

One more day or rain potential over Ohio, and then we string together some drying. Today will feature showers and thunderstorms over 80% of the state. The rains will be pushing southward, ending first in north and NW Ohio, but lingering longer in central and southern areas. Rain totals toady can be another .25″-1″ generally but we also have concerns about a round of strong to severe storms in central and perhaps southern OH that would bump totals significantly on a localized scale, so beware. The map below shows 24 hour rain totals for today.

We turn cooler and much less humid tomorrow. Sunshine will dominate with temps normal to below. However, with the drop in humidity, it will feel very pleasant. Sun continues to be in full controls through the weekend, but temps will be a bit warmer then the prior day both Saturday and Sunday. Sunny, dry weather stays for the start of next week too, but humidity values finally climb on Monday and stay high Tuesday. In fact, that may trigger some pop up shower/thunderstorm action overnight Tuesday night into early Wednesday for northern Ohio. Most of the action stays over Lake Erie, Ontario and back into eastern MI, but we wont rule out a bit of moisture here for that period, mostly north of US 20.

Wednesday and Thursday feature a mix of clouds and sun and we remain muggy. But, we do not see any significant statewide rain until Friday, as clouds thicken through the morning and midday. Friday afternoon, evening and Saturday we will be dealing with scattered showers and thunderstorms that can produce .25″-.75″ rain totals on 80% coverage. Temps stay warm, and humidity stays high. Those rains will likely be welcomed by that time, after our expected period of drying from tomorrow through the end of Thursday. Our extended 11-16 day pattern has two additional waves that are likely to bring rain through mid month.

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