Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast July 7, 2021

A few tweaks to the forecast this morning, but mostly we are adding moisture threats. Overall, we are seeing only a 2 days out of the next 16 with out some form of rain threat over Ohio.

Sun will be followed by clouds today and we see showers and thunderstorms develop this afternoon and evening. Chances remain for showers and storms to fire off tomorrow and linger through Friday. Daily rain potential will be up to half an inch with coverage 70%. Combined rain coverage through Friday afternoon will be 100%. The map below shows those 3 day totals.

We should be dry for almost all of Saturday, while our atmosphere reloads. Then showers and storms are back for Saturday overnight and Sunday, with some stronger storms possible. Showers linger over Ohio for Monday and tuesday. In fact, an active precipitation pattern also keeps shower potential high for the rest of the week as well, next Wednesday through Friday. Rain totals for the Sun-Friday period are shown below.

The extended period keeps the wet pattern going with rain and the potential for strong thunderstorms Saturday the 17th through Monday the 19th. We can be dry for Tuesday the 20th. Rain and thunderstorms are back for the Wednesday (21st) through Friday (23rd) time frame. This is a wet pattern, but the key for crops will be keeping daily rains under .75″, and having multiple days with rains closer to .25″. If we can do that, the rain will stay out of “excessive” territory, and we should see crops keep up with usage of the bulk of the rain that is falling. That means we really need to watch closely to see if potential increases for more widespread strong thunderstorm development.

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