Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast July 8, 2021

We continue to talk up a forecast that has plenty of moisture with it. Overall, we still see just 1 dry day for all of OH, but the northern half will likely see 2 days rain free back to back.

Showers move through Ohio today. An additional .25″-.75″ is likely. We will be dry tomorrow in most areas. Northern Ohio can see rain free weather continue into Saturday, but showers and a few storms are looking to develop in southern Ohio Saturday afternoon. Rain and thunderstorms hit all areas Saturday night and Sunday, with strong storms likely in the north.

Next week we have showers in the forecast every day, Monday through Saturday. Daily rains likely are .5″ or less, with daily coverage at 60%. However, we all see rain multiple times for the week. Rain totals will add up to some fairly stout numbers. The map below shows rain totals for the entire 10 day period, from today through next Saturday morning.

This forecast will feature plenty of moisture for crop growth and development. The biggest threat will be strong thunderstorms this weekend, and the potential that they put down way too much moisture in a short period of time. We will not see much evaporation through next week, though. Temps remain above normal, and we can expect high humidities. Wheat harvest will take a long term hiatus in many areas this weekend, and we may start to have concern about quality issues there, in this wet forecast.

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