Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast July 9, 2021

We seem locked in to a fairly wet pattern as we move forward. In our opinion we see only one decent chance at a fully dry day for the entire state out of the next 10 days, and even that may end up being in jeopardy, with lingering showers and clouds today in parts of northern OH. The more active precipitation track over the next 10 days is in southern OH, but we all see rain chances on multiple occasions between now and the 20th.

Today we should be mostly dry in Ohio. As we alluded to above, we are dealing with some lingering clouds this morning over north central and northeast Ohio that may trigger a spit or a sprinkle, but generally we see no new, well organized moisture today. We stay dry through the overnight as well.

Tomorrow, rain starts to nose into SW OH relatively early on, and then spreads across the rest of southern OH through the day. However, we look for hat moisture to remain south of I-70 for the most part, and partly sunny skies will be seen farther north. Southern Ohio can pick up .25″-75″ for Saturday. Sunday, action surges north and we see some potential for strong thunderstorms in NW Ohio. Best rain potential Sunday arrives in afternoon and evening. Rain totals for the day run from .25″-1″ with 90% coverage

Scattered showers are in the forecast every day Monday through Saturday next week. Daily rain totals will mostly be under half an inch, and daily coverage no better than 60%. But, we see rain somewhere every day, and combined for the week almost everyone sees rain potential at least 2-3 times. Combined rains for the week bring an additional .5″-1.5″. Next weekend, the active precipitation track favors the southern half of Ohio, with most rains Saturday and Sunday staying south of I-70.

Temps will be normal to above normal through the period, feeding a very muggy, energy laden pattern. That gives us the fuel to wring out moisture like this forecast suggests. We will see significant 10 day rain totals (see map below), but manageable totals. The only thing to watch will be development of strong thunderstorms. If we can keep daily maximums under half an inch, even if it rains every day, we will not be in bad shape after next weekend.

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