Marshall Jackson from Logan County watched the judge with his market turkey.

2021 Ohio State Fair Junior Market Poultry results

Junior Market Chickens

Top 5 exhibitors: Cassidy Kennedy, Stark County; Zane Ortman, Perry County; Carmen Corcoran, Ross County; Marshall Jackson, Logan County;  Abecka Ruggles, Huron County

Class 1

  1. Abecka Ruggles, Huron County
  2. Aiden Hester, Clinton County

Class 2

  1. Zane Ortman, Perry County
  2. Marshall Jackson, Logan County

Class 3:

  1. Natalie Fitzgerald, Cuyahoga County
  2. Ava Hester, Clinton County
  3. Delaney Johnson, Jefferson County
Cassidy Kennedy, left, from Stark County watched for the judge to inspect her birds.
Exhibitors had some answers for Judge Mike Stichler’s questions.
Lilly Conrad from Hancock County, left, held her bird for the judge.

Annaka Ruggles, 9, from Huron County had a great showing her first time exhibiting chickens at the Ohio State Fair.

Allison Kinney, center, from Logan County, had some help from her sisters with the chickens.

Junior Market Turkeys

Top 3: Jozie Jones, Clinton County; Johnathan Woodward, Coshocton; Alex Kinney, Logan County

Fourth overall: Ty Woodward, Coshocton County 

Fifth overall: Allison Kinney, Logan County

Class 1

  1. Jozie Jones, Clinton
  2. Johnathan Woodward, Coshocton 
  3. Zane Ortman, Perry

Class 2

  1. Allison Kinney, Logan County
  2. Isabel Henderson, Logan County

Class 3

  1. Alex Kinney, Logan County
  2. Ty Woodward, Coshocton County 
  3. Paige Pence, Clark County

Market turkey exhibitors waited for the judge’s decision.
Judge Mike Stichler checked the turkey of Luke Kraft from Warren County.
Marshall Jackson from Logan County watched the judge with his market turkey.
Ty Woodward, 10, Coshocton County, with his turkey
Drew Black from Fayette County holds his turkey for judge Mike Stichler.

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