Virtual crop tour by county: 2021 corn

Adams County

Conditions of the corn were very good. Corn was very healthy and had little signs of stress due to lack of nitrogen. It was planted May 23. Disease pressure was very low and insect pressure was little to none. Pollination looked to be very complete. Yield came in at 230 bushels.

Adams Co. corn

Allen County

This field looked very impressive from the road. Unfortunately, it seemed to be seeing significant tip back and kernel abortion. There was also a small amount of gray leaf spot present. This field also looked to have a higher planted population than several others in the area. I would expect there to be 33,000 harvestable ears per acre. It was planted May 18. The yield estimate was 186 bushels per acre.

Allen Co.

This field was planted May 19 with multiple hybrids and there was significant variability between hybrids. Disease pressure was very low and there was no pest pressure. The yield estimate came in at 167 bushels.

Allen Co.

This field had a mixture of elevations and soil types. The higher sand looked to be suffering a little post-pollination, but the heavier ground looked very good. I did notice some northern corn leaf blight on the lower leaves. This field was probably the farthest along maturity wise at late dough/early dent. It was planted May 17 with a yield of 197 bushels.

Allen Co.

This field planted on May 22 looked to be running out of available nitrogen. There looked to be some potential problems with pollination and grain fill that could be attributed to the recent heat and dry weather. There was no insect pressure and very low disease pressure with a yield estimate of 154 bushels per acre.

Allen Co.

Ashtabula County

This corn had light N deficiency, mainly shown in lower leaves. There was little to no disease and pest pressure and excellent ear fill. The yield estimate is 180 bushels.

Ashtabula Co. corn

This field was in good condition overall, with no signs of stress or deficiency and very low pest and disease pressure. Ear fill was excellent with a yield of 185 bushels.

Ashtabula Co. corn

Champaign County

This field was planted April 16. It was tall and very healthy looking. There was very little disease pressure and no pests were observed. There was no tip back found and a yield estimate of 225 bushels.

The field was planted on April 26. It had a little variability due to excessive rain, which reduced viable ear counts in some areas. Overall, though, it had good pollination and kernel fill in most of the field and no insect or disease issues. Ear fill was good with a yield of 210 bushels.

Champaign Co. corn

In this corn planted on April 10, we found low variability despite the early planting date and going through freezing rain and snow. There was consistent pollination and kernel fill with only minor gray leaf spot. Yield estimate: 210 bushels.

Champaign Co. corn

The field was planted April 30. It was a very clean field with slight variability, but still high yields. The yield estimate was 238 bushels.

Champaign Co. corn

Clinton County 

This field represents Corn from Southern Clinton County in the Blanchester Area. Overall this corn looked very good. It was planted May 15. It was a very uniform stand throughout the field with no presence of disease or insect pressure — a very clean field. There was a 35,000 population. Corn looked like it will yield pretty well however ears did not fill completely throughout the field. Many ears tips were not filled. The yield estimate is 216.6 bushels.

Clinton Co. corn

This field represents eastern Clinton County in the Sabina area, planted on May 15. It had a very good overall stand that was clean and very uniform across the field with no disease, insect or weed pressure. Ear fill was good, however tips did not fill (1 inch of end or so). It had a 36,000 population with no barren stalks — all have a good ear on them. Yield Estimate: 262.1.

Clinton Co. corn

This field of corn represent central Clinton County in the Wilmington Area. It was planted April 28. It was very uniform, with no pressure form weeds or insects. There was some evidence of grey leaf spot (minimal) and this field did not have a fungicide applied. The surveyed population 32,500. Ears were filled out to ends. All in all, it was a good stand of corn. It has not received as much rain as other parts of county during season thus far but seems to get enough on a timely basis. Yield Estimate: 238.2 bushels.

Clinton Co. corn

Darke County

This corn was planted May 10 and there is low insect and disease. The yield estimate is 207 bushels per acre.

The ear fill was not uniform in this May 3 planted corn. The was very little insect feeding and disease and the yield estimate is 206 bushels per acre.

There was not much disease in this field planted April 27. It had good ear fill with a yield of 210 bushels per acre.

This field looked good. It was planted April 27. Yield counts were lower here, though with an estimate of 185 bushels.

Delaware Co. corn

The field looked good. The maturity of this corn was a bit behind some of the other corn in the area. Ears were difficult to count length-wise due to potential tip back/ear fill. There was very slight weed pressure (giant ragweed). Disease and pest pressure were low. There was some tip back with a yield of 191 bushels.

Delaware Co.

Fairfield County

The May 15 planting date led to a near perfect stand of 33,500 (seed drop was 34,500), perfect weed control, and little if any symptoms of leaf disease from the ear leaf and up. Due to wet soil conditions early, the field was not planted early. This is the 40th consecutive year this field has been no-tilled. It was very dry in much of June, but has received timely rainfall in recent weeks. Due to the delayed planting date, it must continue to receive timely rainfall for the next few weeks in order to reach its yield potential estimated at 217 bushels per acre. Although there is evidence of some grey leaf spot on the lower leaves, overall there is little disease pressure.

Fairfield Co.

Geauga County

 We found some bird damage and some nitrogen deficiency in the lower leaves. There was no pest pressure. The were some tip fill issues. The yield was 190 bushels.

Hardin County

Hardin Co. corn

This eastern Hardin County corn field was a 110-day hybrid planted on May 17 at 33,754 seeds per acre. Although some of Hardin County had been dryer than normal, this field did well with above average rainfall. It had very little disease pressure, very little insect pressure and no weeds to compete for moisture and nutrients. There was light gray leaf spot and less than 5% was affected by pest pressure. The yield estimate was 205 bushels per acre.

This field in western Hardin County was planted on April 26 at a population of 34,303 seeds per acre. It was a 110-day hybrid and in the dough stage. There was very little insect pressure and no weeds. The big concern is the disease pressure with gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight, and tar spot. However, if the yield is established with later season rains and the field measurements taken today, we estimate it to be 204.5 bushels per acre.

Hardin Co.

Hancock County

This looked like a really good crop, and another really good rain would make it a great crop. It was planted on June 9. Both disease and insect pressure were low. The yield estimate was 207 bushels, but it needed more rain.

Knox County

This field was planted later than some and had a rough start to the growing season. There was no pest or disease pressure but ear fill was incomplete. The yield estimate is 210 bushels.

Knox Co. corn

This was a late planted field that faced some early challenges. There were no insects or diseases present but it shows signs of challenges this growing season with a 169-bushel estimate.

The corn here was planted in late April. The was very little insect feeding or disease. The ears were completely filled with a 230-bushel yield estimate.

Knox Co. corn

The field was planted on April 28 the ears were filled out well. There were no issues with insects or diseases and the estimated yield is 210 bushels.

Knox Co. corn

Madison County

Disease and pest pressure were low in this field planted on April 18. There was 5% to 10% tip back on some ears and a yield estimate of 254 bushels.

Madison Co. corn

The field was planted April 26. Disease Pressure was low with some gray leaf spot and norther corn leaf blight. There was 10% to 20% tip back on some ears and a yield of 210.

Madison Co. corn

Marion County

This May 10 planted corn had an excellent growing season with very little stress in a high fertility field. There was limited leaf feeding and little disease. The estimated yield is 227 bushels.

Morrow County

This is a research plot so there is slight fungal pressure in the plots that were not treated with fungicide. Otherwise the corn looks very good. It was planted May 22. The average yield estimate is 154 bushels.

This field of corn was very good. It was planted May 18. There wasn’t disease pressure and very little to no insect pressure. Ear fill was great and the yield was 192.5 bushels.

Montgomery County

This corn is generally good. It was planted April 30. Some fields had excess rainfall events, which hurt some stands and required spot replanting. Disease and pest pressure were low. Yield Estimate: 185.

Montgomery Co.

Paulding County

There were good growing conditions throughout the season for this corn planted May 17, with opportune rains throughout the season. I was seeing some tip back and kernel abortion. The yield was 237 bushels.

Paulding Co.

Pickaway County

The 7 fields sampled had excellent yield potential, but they were in need of a timely rain soon to finish the crop off. The corn was in dough stage to soft dent. Some fields will see heavy tip back with this recent weather. There was light to moderate gray leaf spot and a little northern corn leaf blight. The yields in the fields ranged from a low of 196 bushels on up to 269 bushels per acre averaging out around 230 bushels per acre.

Pickaway Co. corn

Shelby County

I observed multiple fields across Shelby County. I looked a various planting dates, varieties and if they were sprayed with fungicide at tassel. The 3 fields I took a lot of time in were April 7-planted 108-day corn with a yield estimate of 243 bushels, an April 24-planted 111-day at 252 bushels and then a May 17-planted, 108-day field at 200 bushels. There were some pollination issues in the later of the two, mainly in areas where rain was lacking with the heat and depending on variety pollination dates. Over all things look really well all over the county. Filling out ear tip on later varieties will be key along with later August rains.

Williams County

This southwestern Williams County corn field was planted in late April and had medium disease pressure, with gray leaf spot consistently present throughout the field. There was no insect or weed pressure, but some tip dieback was present in sampled ears. The yield estimate was 208 bushels per acre.

Williams Co. corn

Wood County

This field was planted early for the area on April 27. There was a little bit of grey leaf spot and consistent ear placement and stand. The crop was still in need of rain to finish, but potential was there with a yield of 230 bushels.

Wood Co. corn

This later planted field went in on May 23. The ears were not as developed. I saw some grey leaf spot in field, but nothing to be concerned about. There was good pollination potential is there, but the fields needed a few more rains to finish. The yield estimate was 196.5 bushels.

Wood Co.

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