Virtual Crop Tour by county: 2021 soybeans

Adams County

Adams county soybeans resulted in very good condition overall with little signs of weather-related stress. Disease pressure was low. There were some Japanese beetles feeding on foliage. The estimated yield was around 60+ bushels per acre.

Adams county bean field.
Adams county bean plant.

Ashtabula County

This field of soybeans were some of the earliest planted in Astabula county. The field was noted as very tall and having strong color. There was no disease pressure noted, but there were some aphids feeding. The yield esitmation of 60+ bushels per acre.

Ashtubula county soybeans

Champaign County

These Champaign county soybeans were planted April 10, and are a consistent field. There were signs of Sudden Death Syndrome and low Japanese Beetle feeding. The yield estimation for this field is 60+ bushels per acre.

Soybeans in Champaign county.
Japanese beetle feeding in Champaign county.

Delaware County

The soybean field surveyed in Delaware county was tall and further along in maturity when compared to others around it. Beans were planted in 20-inch rows. There was some SDS and insect pressure noticed. Disease pressure was moderate. Yield estimation was 60+ bushels per acre.

Japanese beetle feeding on soybeans in Delaware county.
Sudden Death Syndrome observed in Delaware county along with more evidence of insect pressure.

Hardin County

This soybean field was planted in 15-inch rows. The beans were a 2.8 maturity with a seeding population of 169,036 planted into rye cover crop. The crop had a small amount of brown leaf spot in the lower canopy, as well as some bacteria blight. There was less than 5% pest pressure. There was a yield estimation of 60+ bushels per acre.

Counting beans in Hardin county.
Boden Fisher, Water Quality Extension Associate for OSU Extension in Hardin, Hancock, and Putnam Counties holds a sample of soybeans in Hardin county.

Knox County

Soybeans in Knox county were planted mid-May, and had a rough start to the growing season. There was slight pest pressure and no disease pressure. The yield estimation was 50-60 bushels per acre. Another field was estimated in the 40-50.

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