Dry weather setting in is causing crop, farmer, stress

Ross Black

We are plenty on the dry side. We maybe have gotten between a half and three-quarters of an inch in the last 2 weeks. We got a half a tenth the other night that relieved a little of the heat stress. I’m looking here in the next day or two to get the rains coming back again. We are just into the good sweet corn stage on the corn. Any rain we would get would help with kernel fill and pump some test weight into the corn. 

The beans actually look really good. If you get much out of our area they don’t look so well. We must have gotten just the right amount of moisture because they look really good. I was out in the beans yesterday and I didn’t really see any disease and not a lot of insect pressure. I am actually seeing pods forming from all the way at the bottom to the tip top of the beans. The pods are filled maybe three-quarters of the way up the plant.

On the corn, the fungicide was a good move. I sprayed about two-thirds of the corn and left the other third as a check. The gray leaf spot has not absolutely taken over, but we are seeing two to three nice-sized lesions on the ear leaf. I definitely think spraying it was a good decision. The yield monitor will tell us this fall how much the gray leaf spot affected the corn. So far we think we made the right decision.

We are going to try spraying some of the beans with fungicide and insecticide too. I have maybe seen three lesions of frogeye in all of our soybean fields so there is not a huge concern about spraying everything.

We have been cleaning bins and taking advantage of some extremely good basis prices around. We are moving grain and scouting crops.

Bill Daugherty

Crops are hanging in there but things are extremely dry. A couple of weeks ago, it looked like the Garden of Eden around here because we had 5 inches of rain the first 3 weeks of July but since then the spigots have shut off. There were some showers the last couple of days north and west of us, but by the time they get to us they either split or dissipated. We are extremely dry. We have a 50% chance of rain the middle of this week and we are really hoping for some rain. 

The corn in the bottom ground is starting to curl some and the beans are showing some stress. Our fourth cutting hay we are hoping to make this week, but we will probably skip some of our grass fields because there is hardly enough to be worth mowing. There are definitely some challenges with the dry weather right now. They are talking about 90s most of this week. We are hoping those temperatures create a thunderstorm so we can get some rain.

We have about 10 acres of summer/fall alfalfa seedings that have had five one-hundredths of one tenth of an inch maybe since we have seeded them. A nice, slow soaker would definitely help that as well. We have to have some moisture to get the alfalfa going to justify being able to go over that ground. We need moisture to get some tonnage. 

We are preparing to put some fungicide on some soybeans with our own sprayer to see if we get some response and whether it is something we’ll do in the future or not.

Don Jackson

Overall the crops are looking good and hanging on. As I feared last spring when we were getting all of that heavy rain, now we have flipped to the other side and we are pretty dry right now. Other than maybe a tenth or so we haven’t really caught any rain in the last couple of weeks. I think we had plenty of moisture earlier and we are holding on and still looking pretty good. With the heat we we’ve had we are getting rapid evaporation now. I was hoping we’d get one more good rain on the corn and get some cooler weather to slow down the evaporation some. I’d still like to see one more good rain on the corn.

The corn can stand some pretty warm temperatures during the day if it cools down at night. If we go back to 2012, that’s what we found out. There were several nights then when we were pollinating and the low was hardly below 80. If it can cool off at night that definitely helps the corn, and we’ve had that.

The soybeans are hanging in there. You’ll see some wilting on the higher ground but they definitely need a couple more good shots of rain on the beans to fill them out. The grass in the yard is green but it is definitely slowing down. 

I thought this might be a tough disease year but we are still seeing very low pressure. We are not seeing a lot of insects either. I think I saw more fungicide flown on this year than ever.

In the beans, I have not seen any signs of frogeye yet. I have not seen much insect feeding either.

John Schumm

We have been hot and dry here. Things are starting to show a little stress, especially on the knolls and hills that could really use some water. Hopefully this afternoon that will change. If I go south a little bit, the corn and beans are really going backwards in a hurry. Around home here we are holding our own and hoping for an afternoon shower today. At 90 degrees, things dry out pretty fast.

I think some of the corn still has a long way to go and some is just shy of denting if it was planted early. We could use some rain on the corn for kernel length and bucket weight.

We still have soybeans putting on blossoms. They are podded full and hopefully the pods will get filled If we get some timely rains to push them along.

Where we had really good stands of rye our beans look super. They are not showing stress. They are dark green and up over my belt. On the ridges here where I live they are showing stress where the rock is close, but the mat from the cover crops helps hold moisture for when we need it like this week.

Our beans are really clean. Our corn is still bright green and we don’t see many leaf diseases coming in. There is a lot of fungicide being flown on. Everybody knows they have an outstanding crop coming and they want to protect it. 

We just got done drilling groundhog radishes and turnips on our wheat and rye stubble ground. What we have out there came up nice and that helps the stubble decompose. We try to get that planted around the first week of August.

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