Ohio Crop Tour North summary

It is said that “rain makes grain”, and that was the take away from the northern leg of the 2021 Ohio Crops Tour sponsored by Ohio Field Leader, a project of the Ohio Soybean Council and Soybean Check-off. Those farms that have had sufficient rainfall early-on looked very promising, and have the potential for excellent yields with some timely rain to finish it out. Those fields that were lacking rain as of late, are in need of some moisture to relieve the stress and help the crop finish out with the potential that is left. July rains help the corn during the critical periods of pollination and grain fill. Timely August rains can literally translate to millions of dollars of revenue for the Ohio soybean crop.

Overall the corn fields on the northern leg of the crop tour looked very good. Many had been sprayed with a fungicide. There was very little disease present, and virtually no insect pressure observed. A few hybrids exhibited double ears. Overall emergence of the corn crop seemed to be very uniform. Any areas of concern were traced back to planter issues or field conditions at the time of planting.  The corn yield estimate from the northern leg of the Oho Crop Tour is 177 bu/ac.

Soybeans looked outstanding in the northern part of Ohio. Many of the varieties had 3-4 pods per node and 3 beans per pod. The height of the crop varied.  Overall the crop was very clean with virtually no disease or insect pressure noted.  In the majority of the fields evaluated, both a fungicide and insecticide application had been made.  The question remains if these applications were necessary this year given the low pest pressure levels. Similar to the corn crop, emergence in the soybeans seemed to be very uniform.  The soybean yield estimate from the northern leg of the Ohio Crop Tour is in the mid to upper 50s.

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