Ohio Crop Tour South summary

There were definitely some surprises along the way on the southern leg of the in-person 2021 Ohio Crop Tour. First, we found some surprising pollination issues and one of the highest disease levels we have ever seen in corn in the first couple of counties. Of course, there were some highlights with strong yields in counties where rains have been steady through the growing season, which is what we expected after a strong start and generally good growing conditions for much of Ohio in 2021. We were very surprised, though, about the extent of areas suffering from very dry conditions, particularly in the western part of the tour. We found some pretty wide and deep cracks in the soil we were not expecting to see.

We sampled fields in 12 counties over a day and a half. Overall we settled upon an average yield of 174.7 bushels for corn on Ohio Crop Tour South this year. This was slightly lower than yields to the north and, honestly, a little lower than what we were expecting based on our perceptions of the growing season. For soybeans we averaged out with a yield of 48.3 bushels.

Overall, we saw pretty significant disease pressure, though most had been addressed with fungicides. In terms of insects, we saw the usual culprits with a few soybean aphids mixed in, but nothing particularly noteworthy enough to be of economic importance. Be sure to check out our county-by-county tour to see all of the results. Thanks to our fantastic participants this year and those who allowed us to visit their fields and shared their insights with us. Be sure to take your chance to participate in our Virtual Crop Tour by submitting your own results for a chance to weigh in on our finding and win a $250 Visa gift card.

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