Heavy rains led to the first ever postponement of Farm Science Review. Photo by Tony Seegers, Ohio Farm Bureau.

Farm Science Review rain delay

By Matt Reese

On Wednesday Sept. 22, 2021 the Farm Science Review was postponed due to inclement weather. Rain swamped the parking lots, harvest demonstration sites and exhibit areas. High winds and potential lightening were also a concern. The show will resume Thursday Sept. 23, 2021 at 8 a.m. as scheduled.

This is the first time the show has ever been postponed.

“This was a really tough decision, but it is best for everyone involved that we wait until tomorrow to open the gates. It did not start raining here onsite until 6 a.m. (on Wednesday) and we thought we may get lucky and miss it. Then we started getting some heavy rain,” said Nick Zachrich, FSR manager. “We were already starting to think about closing some of the parking lots and once we did that we decided at what point we’d need to close the show. We got to that point by 7 a.m. We worked to get the message out through our law enforcement onsite that does a great job here and through our network here at Ohio State and Extension.”

The remainder of the show will proceed as previously scheduled. 

“Thursday will be the final day. With all of the logistics and trucking that would have to be rescheduled, exhibitors would just not be able to do a spur-of-the-moment extra day. That is not an option for our exhibitors and we just cannot put them in that position,” he said.

If tickets for the show were used on Wednesday morning, FSR staff members are encouraging visitors to please visit the office for a new ticket on Thursday.

“We were able to catch most folks before they got into the gate with their tickets. There were just a few who got in. If you were one of those few, you can stop in the office and we can get you a ticket. If you cannot come (Thursday), we’ll get you a ticket for next year,” Zachrich said.  

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  1. Got to gate after 1.5 drive w ticket. Busy tomorrow .ibenny711@gmail.com or txt 7408171927

  2. Got to f s r around 945 am saying closed .drove 1 .5 hours w ticket. Busy tomorrow .refund of ticket?

  3. Myself and 4 friends were some of the few who did get in ,only walked 50 feet inside then told show was cancelled. we did not get our tickets back but are not able to attend Thursday anyway. Mark Terrell (Meadowcreek Farm)


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