New book gives kids glimpse of a “Barn at Night”

A new children’s book is now available for families searching for a captivating agriculture story to share. “Barn at Night,” featuring lyrical poetry and glowing watercolors, is now available from Feeding Minds Press, the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture’s publishing venture.

“In ‘Barn at Night,’ readers discover the certain magic of a farm in the quiet predawn hours,” said Foundation for Agriculture executive director Daniel Meloy. “It is our hope that this book will illustrate the dedication of farmers and ranchers in caring for their animals, day in and day out, long before the rest of the world springs to life.”

This heartwarming yet true-to-life tale, written by Ohioan Michelle Houts and illustrated by Jen Betton, invites readers along as a father and daughter go out to the barn on a cold winter night and are welcomed with an enchanting scene. The pair discover who is awake, who is asleep, and who is just making their first appearance in the barn.

Houts, from Rockford, Ohio, is an award winning author of dozens of a dozen books for young readers. She speaks at events around the country. 

To complement the book, Feeding Minds Press has created several engaging companion resources, including an activity kit, an in-depth video from the book’s illustrator showing her creative process, and a blog postfrom the book’s author explaining her inspiration for the book. A full educator’s guide is available or a sample lesson plan can be viewed here

“Barn at Night” is the fourth printed title from Feeding Minds Press, which published “Right This Very Minute” in January 2019, “Chuck’s Ice Cream Wish” in March 2020, and “My Family’s Soybean Farm” in January 2021. Feeding Minds Press also offers several free printable books that focus on careers in agriculture. The book is available for purchase directly from Feeding Minds Press, as well as on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online.


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