Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast September 16, 2021

Sunny, warm and dry for the most part now through next Tuesday midday. Temps will be pleasant today and tomorrow with low humidity. However, those humidity levels rise over the weekend and the first half of next week. A weak system falling apart in the Great Lakes region tomorrow night likely increases clouds for Saturday and we cant rule out an isolated shower, but we really feel the region will be working with too dry of an atmosphere to generate any moisture of significance. Sunshine dominates Sunday and monday.

Tuesday clouds will be on the increase. Moisture will start to work up into the state from the south and southwest Tuesday late afternoon and evening .Then a frontal complex swings through for Wednesday nd Thursday. Timing is still up for some debate, with some models pushing the front out of the area by late Thursday night, and others holding onto it into Friday morning. Either way, it is clear we are getting some rain. Initially, we will look for .25″-1″ over the state (with most areas .25″ to .75″), but we will update as we get closer to the event because of the potential for thunderstorms to bump totals. The map below shows potential as we see it now, for the event from late Tuesday through Thursday evening.

Behind the front, significantly cooler air is on the way to Ohio. Whether Friday or Saturday, we expect a drop of a good 15-20 degrees in daytime highs and that cooler air will hold through at least next weekend. The focal point of the coldest air is in the Upper Midwest, but we will see a good drop in temps here as a result of this Canadian air push into the northern US.

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