Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast September 27, 2021

Sunny, warm and dry for the next week. We see no significant issues in our forecast and a wide open harvest window all the way through next Monday morning. Temps will be above normal for the week, humidity low and excellent drying.

We are tweaking the forecast for early next week a bit, putting in some rain with a front sliding into the region Monday midday. Rains continue monday night and Tuesday, and two day totals can be .25″-.75″ over 90% of Ohio. We should pause moisture a bit for Wednesday as the front exits to the east and south. The map below shows rain potential for the 48hour period ending Wednesday morning.

We should be mostly rain free for Wednesday afternoon and Thursday. However, models are in disagreement for late week. One solution has another wave of moisture lifting up from the south net Thursday night and Friday, but others do not. We do not like a wetter solution at this point, but will watch closely and cant rule out action for next Friday currently. Stay tuned.

Behind any action to finish next week, we see another window opening for harvest. Most of the 11-16 day period is dry with our next chance of moisture holding off until Wednesday the 13th or Thursday the 14th.

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