Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast September 7, 2021

A cold front moved into the eastern corn belt last night and we will be dealing with some remaining showers from that today as the front sweeps through Ohio. NW parts of the state are already done with moisture and will be partly sunny right from sunrise, while the front still needs to clear south and southeastern parts of the state today. Showers linger through midday over about 40% of Ohio, but by the end of the day we will all turn out partly sunny ahead of sunset. Clearing continues tonight.

From tomorrow forward, we are completely dry over Ohio. Temps will be cooler today behind the front and stay pleasant with low humidity tomorrow and Friday. Saturday we start to see some warming in the afternoon and we turn out hot on Sunday, as a major push of heat comes up from the SW. The hottest air will stay farther west over IL, but will be very impressive. The map below shows a high temp outlook for Sunday.

The heat may trigger a bit of instability in far northern areas of Ohio overnight sunday night, but we don’t think there is enough moisture to work with to actually warrant inserting a shower or thunderstomr in our forecast for right now, so we are keeping it dry. The active precipitation track for the start of next week is much farther north. We are sunny, warm and dry Tuesday and Wednesday of next week as well with well above normal temps and higher humidity potential. This will culminate with a front trying to slide south for next Thursday, but we only are projecting showers down to I-70. We can see a few hundredths to half an inch through midnight Thursday night in those areas with 70% coverage. Only sunshine and blue sky expected south of I-70. Friday the 17th turns out partly sunny and we should see temps pull back a bit in the wake of the Thursday moisture.

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