Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast September 7, 2021

A mostly dry pattern remains over Ohio for a good chunk of September. We see exactly 2 threats of rain for the region in the next 10 days. The first happens overnight tonight through tomorrow. The second happens at the end of our 10 day forecast window next Wednesday late into Thursday. In-between we see net drying with full sunshine, low humidity and good evaporation.

Today turns out mostly sunny over all of Ohio. We likely see clouds building in far NW Ohio late this afternoon into this evening, but the clouds increase after sunset in all other areas. Scattered showers develop this evening in NW, and then spread south and east through tomorrow over the rest of the state. Moisture totals are no super impressive at .1″-.6″ with 80% coverage, ,but in reality, only a few areas have a shot at the upper end of the range, and those will mostly be in NW OH and other areas north of US 20, although we don’t want to get too cute with trying to call those totals that exactly. Suffice to say, we think the majority of areas will be looking at a few hundredths to a few tenths out of this system. See map below.

Dry weather is in over all areas for Thursday (NW OH actually stars to clear out tomorrow afternoon already, but it takes through the end of the day tomorrow for areas farther south and east. WE then stay sunny, warm and dry for Thursday through next tuesday. Temps will be working higher, particularly for the end of the week and the weekend, and should be well above normal as we move into next week. Humidity values can even start to climb early next week as well.

Sun will be followed by increasing clouds next Wednesday, and our second system arrives next Wednesday afternoon, sweeping across Ohio into and through Thursday. Preliminary thoughts on rain totals have us at .1″-.75″, but thunderstorms do not seem to be a big part of the system at this point, so we may be looking at a skew toward the lower half of the range. Coverage looks to be 75%.

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