Farmers dodging rains as harvest progresses

John Schumm

We have had a pretty good fall without a lot of rain. There is a lot more corn off now than soybeans in the area. Harvest has gone along a little better than normal so far.

We got 3 or 4 tenths last week and a little bit here in the last day or so. We were really out only a day or two. We were certainly not wet before, so it sucked the moisture right up and we were right back at it. 

We have all of our wheat in here at home and in 4 or 5 days after we planted we could row it. The ground temperatures are warm and it is doing very well. With the moisture, the conditions were perfect. We planted it on Oct. 1 or Oct. 2 and it is 3 inches tall already and the fields are turning green. 

We have half of our beans harvested. They got hurt in July from one huge rain and August was a little dry. It is just an average crop, to maybe a little above average, but we are happy with it. Some of our earlier beans are better than we thought they would be. We moved a couple of miles and we are in some of our best beans so far. We are seeing yields from 45 bushels to 70 bushels per acre. 

We have not started into any of our corn yet, but a lot of neighbors have and I have heard very good reports. Our stalk quality is going to be very good. I can push on them pretty hard and they stay standing like a tree. We are on schedule so far and the 10-day outlook looks great.

Bill Daugherty

We had rain a week or so ago and that soaked in really quickly. We started running beans on Monday and things are in really good shape with the harvest situation. We ran for two days early in the week and had a little moisture. We then ran on Wednesday afternoon and the soybean moisture was all between 11% and 13% and then we had some around 14% on Wednesday afternoon. We didn’t try anything today and it looks like we may get some rain this evening. We are still trying to get manure hauled and we are drilling rye. We are 80% to 90% done with the manure. We’ve had some late nights and early mornings to keep the wheels turning. If we had another good 2 days we’d be done, but I don’t think we’ll get that much time before the moisture this evening. Next we are going to try to switch to some corn that might have questionable stalk quality.

We are really pleased with the bean yields so far. We have done the rougher ground and some of the hills and it has been in the 55 or 60 bushel range. We’ll probably chase the combine with drilling rye for another week or so until about Oct. 15.

We had a major issue with the tractor that goes on the grain cart. We got it repaired 2 days ago so hopefully we can keep that moving. The only part they could find was in the state of Washington and it took about 2 weeks to get it here. Finding parts will continue to be a challenge for the rest of harvest. It usually seems like something breaks on a Saturday night and it is a part you don’t have, but we just have to work through it. 

Ross Black

We just got amped up late last week and we shelled a little corn, but now we are dragging our heels here to let this weather system go through. The rain has been really spotty. At my house I haven’t gotten even a tenth, but at the home farm I was planting wheat on Wednesday and got rained out with 1.1 inches. The ground was pretty heavy. We are hoping I can get it finished up the middle of next week.

The good week of dry weather we had really brought the beans along. After this rain they should be ready to go.

We have 80 acres of corn shelled and it is still pretty wet, in the upper 20s. The corn yields were actually a little better than we thought on the home farm. We were pretty dry in June and July and it was nice to see some high numbers on the yield monitor early on.

The first field of corn we planted was up when we got that cold snap in April, right after the snow. For some reason we had one variety that did not take that very well and it was down pretty bad. Then we shelled a field planted a day later and vertically tilled and the stalk strength was perfect. It was some of the better corn I have shelled in the last couple of years. 

We are hoping in the next 3 or 4 days we can really start knocking some of these soybeans out. Hopefully we get some good weather so we can just keep running beans.

Don Jackson

We are slowly getting started with harvest. We have not hit it really hard yet. We did run some early variety beans and we are slowly getting into the corn. It is not quite as dry as I’d like it to be. It has been running in the low to mid 20s. We are ramping up. The weather looks good for next week and hopefully we’ll be able to hit it hard. 

We got that big rain around Farm Science Review. We got 3 inches out of that then started shelling corn the next Monday. Then we got a few tenths here and there. The night before last we caught a half inch and hopefully we can get back in later today. The fog has been bad 2 or 3 mornings this week too and it has taken awhile for that to burn off. Some of these ears have not dropped yet and I am hearing about a little mold maybe starting to set in. This is not the time of year you want this moist weather. 

The corn is not going to be what it was last year. For the growing season we were still 6 or 7 inches below normal on moisture. Now since then the rain has helped us catch up, but it was too late to do anything. I’m still happy with where we are on the corn. The yields are pretty decent. The beans are also off some from last year but still respectable for the growing season. Some of the later maturity beans may come in a little better. 

The corn is pretty variable going across the field, but the beans have been pretty steady. I think the wet weather hurt the beans in the good ground early and the dry weather late hurt the lighter soils, so it may have all balanced out. We still have a few leaves hanging on some of the beans.

Take a few minutes every other day or so to go over the combine with a leaf blower to prevent fires. Keep things clean and stay safe out there. 

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