Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast October 27, 2021

Break out the umbrellas again, as rain will be with us to finish the week. Clouds increase over Ohio today, with rain arriving in SW Ohio by midday, and then spreading north and east from there. Rains continue overnight, through tomorrow and most of Saturday. However, we are dialing back coverage on Saturday to around 40%, so it may not be “dripping” as long or as much in some areas. Still, we accomplish no drying Saturday. Combined rain totals for the event will be .5″-1.5″ with some concern for higher totals on a localized basis. The map below shows an update.

We see some sunshine for Sunday with mild temps and some good evaporation. But, cold air start to return Monday with a mix of clouds and sun. That colder air pressing into the state will wring out some light shower action overnight monday night and Tuesday, with rain potential at a few hundredths to a few tenths. Coverage will be around 60%. With the cold and the threat of light moisture, we don’t likely dry much for Tuesday.

Wednesday through the end of the week is much cooler. We look for potential for hard frosts in that period at least. We are going to keep our forecast dry for the Wednesday through Saturday period. However, one model now is trying to bring in a surge of precipitation again late Wednesday into Thursday of next week, that if realized, will produce .25″-.75″ of cold rain over 80% of the state. There is no other model agreement or consensus yet, but given the rather active pattern we have seen develop over the past few weeks, this will be a development that we will be watching closely.

If we do stay dry through next Saturday, the pattern likely will extend through at least the 8th or 9th and the first hlf of the extended period. It will be cool and we are going to continue to lose minutes of daylight per day, but we wont pick up new moisture . The threat of rain next Thursday does loom large, though, because if it does come together, it likely chances the atmosphere enough that we end u scuttling the aforementioned dry start to the 11-16 day extended forecast window.

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