Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast October 4, 2021

Rain over the weekend (and today), while expected, was heavier than we wanted and in a lot of areas was not what we needed. Now, that moisture has set the stage for a wetter forecast for this coming week, and an expected full out pause for most of the week in harvest. Today we see lingering showers over a large part of the state, bringing a few hundredths to nearly half an inch with 80% coverage. We see no drying today.

Tomorrow clouds may break for some sun and we make it through the day with likely no new moisture. However, drying will be slow, with high humidity and low evaporation rates. Cooler air also hinders drying. Wednesday we can see some sun early, but more clouds later, and then a chance of a few showers here and there, mostly in NE OH. Still, if there is moisture around, we are not likely seeing the best drying scenarios, even if the shower potential is limited to a smaller part of the state. On Thursday, showers are back in most areas, and we can see rain totals of up to half an inch and 75% coverage. Lingering action Friday is minor, but we cant wave the all clear flag. After a couple of showers still into early Saturday, we should start to dry down and see sun return by late Saturday afternoon. So…this week, today through Friday we end up with up to 1.25″ of additional moisture (see map below), and not much drying in the time periods where there is not rain. That does not bode well for a quick resumption of harvest.

We get full sunshine Sunday, and at this point next week does look dry beginning to end…or at least through Thursday. We will see an up tick in temps, with well above normal daytime highs and night time lows. We expect good evaporation next week and excellent drying. However, with the moisture that fell this weekend, that will be added to this week, combined with dismal evaporation and overall lack of good drying conditions…its hard to think we will be able to jump right into harvest early next week. But, we will keep our fingers crossed.

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