Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast October 7, 2021

Damp weather is in control over Ohio through the end of the week and start of the weekend. Scattered showers are lifting across OH from the south as an upper level low drifts this direction. Rains will be with us off an on today, and will be more frequent tonight and tomorrow. Saturday we are having to extend showers through most of the day as well, with clearing only happening Saturday midday and afternoon in far western and northern parts of the state. Overall, most of us will see light moisture falling in this period, with a total from today through Saturday at .25″-.75″ in a majority of locations. However, we still are leaving the door open for some more significant rains and even a few thunderstorms that can boost localized totals to an inch or better. The map below shows cumulative rains through Saturday night.

We turn drier to finish the weekend, with a good deal of sun in control for Sunday. We will feel very summer-like with well above normal temps to finish the weekend and start next week. WE stay sunny, warm and dry Monday. A cold front working into the eastern corn belt overnight Monday night remains on track to fall apart and producing nothing but a few clouds for tuesday over Ohio, giving us a lucky break and the ability to likely move forward with harvest and field work. Wednesday and Thursday turn out partly to mostly sunny and remain warm and dry. Temps are going to average a good 10 degrees above normal through next week.

Late in the week a second cold front arrives, overnight Thursday night through Friday. Once again, this system ahs much better moisture potential farther west. By the time it gets to Ohio, we are looking mostly clouds, and we wont rule out a few showers. However, we are putting coverage very low at 30%, and think if we see anything, it amounts to a few hundredths here and there. There will be a decent wind shift to the NW, and that brings in some cooler air to finish next week. However, in reality temps just pull back closer to normal, and we do not see any significant cold air surge anywhere in the next 2 weeks, and likely longer.

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