Members with State Officers. Row 1 from left to right: Lexy Starner, Zora Starner, Alexa Tate, Ava Eberhard, Garrett Fowler. Row 2 from left to right: Justice Hendrix, Logan VanSickle, Jenna Sheldon, Alex Pringle, Derek Miller, Ian Barr, Haylee Conner, Liberty Hendrix, Colby Long, Andi Schuch, and Keith Hawkins. Row 3 Blazedyn Mullins, Brody Gindlesberger, Aubrey Schwartz, Dawson Osborn, Morgan Anderson, Laura Wuebker, Jared Dunn, Jacob Zajkowski, Cassandra Mavis, Branson Van Fleet, Brayden Huffman, Faith Galavich, and Keith Hawkins.

West Holmes FFA members go to 2021 Greenhand Camp

On September 24th, the West Holmes FFA sent 18 members to Greenhand Camp. These members include: Ian Barr, Ava Eberhard, Haylee Conner, Garrett Fowler, Brody Gindlesberger, Keith Hawkins, Justice Hendrix, Liberty Hendrix, Colby Long, Derek Miller, Blazedyn Mullins, Alex Pringle, Andi Schuch, Jenna Sheldon, Lexy Starner, Zora Starner, Alexa Tate, and Logan VanSickle. The camp is located in Carroll County along Leesville Lake. At the camp, members have the chance to interact with State FFA Officers, participate in activities, and learn more about the FFA Organization. After they checked in, members were able to play games and interact with people from other schools. The State Officers put on many different workshop sessions throughout the weekend. Those sessions included topics like “Discovering Decisions,” “Open Opportunities,” “Setting Our Course,” and “Where To Next.” While at camp, students could participate in activities such as: motor boating, canoeing and kayaking, archery, rifles, shotgun and various sports. Greenhand camp is one of the first opportunities for 1st year FFA members to truly interact with members from other schools as well as see how beneficial the organization is.

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