Harvest is winding down in Ohio

Bill Daugherty

Things were going well until last Friday. My son was running corn and heard a thud. We came to find out that the final drive came apart on one side of the combine. We were in a panic mode and with all the nice weather we had we ended up driving to Indiana to get a new final drive.

We hated to lose a couple of nice days. We contacted our neighbors and they were gracious enough to help us on some beans. We have just 10 acres of hill ground of beans to finish up and beans will be complete.

We did high moisture corn last week. We feel good about what we got in. Obviously Thanksgiving is always the goal, but if we don’t get done by Thanksgiving hopefully we’ll be done in early December, depending on Mother Nature. We ran a bottom over by Killbuck Creek and still had some water laying in some of the swales. Things definitely dried in the last few days. Now we can pretty much go anywhere to harvest and get trucks in the field. 

I think we have good weather into Friday or Saturday this week and we are hoping to make a big dent in it. Hopefully we’ll be back up and running today.

We are overall really pleased with our bean yields. Some of our beans had wildlife damage. We ran some beans planted in June that were running 52 or 53 bushels per acre and we were pleased with that. That is probably about the area our overall yield is in. Some of our bottom ground did better. Some of our rougher hill ground did poorer. 

The corn we have done has been phenomenal. It is not complete yet, but it looks like our best corn year ever. We have not seen stalk or ear mold issues yet. Everything has been coming off really well. 

John Schumm

We got done with our corn and we were waiting on some good weather for our double-crop beans. They are dry so it is time to roll. They are in the 30-bushel range and we are happy with that for double-crop beans.

Corn was not our personal best, but was really good. Our soybeans were also not our personal best. We had some heavy rains in July that hurt us. Now we are sitting here with some pretty good weather watching our cover crops grow. 

We did not see that much variability in corn. It was really good all over. We did see some variability on soybeans and I think that was mostly because we had a farm or two where the water laid for 24 hours and hurt them a little bit. Overall we were very satisfied. 

I don’t know that we want the wheat to get any taller. It will probably still grow some yet. I’ll be glad when that settles down and stops growing. It is getting pretty tall.

We got around 3.25 inches and that put us out for the better part of the week. We were able to get the last of the cover crops on, though, and we should finish up harvest this week. 

We got the cover crops in fairly timely. Almost everything is up.  We are still waiting on a farm or two where I can’t see the rye yet. I think we’ll be in good shape by Dec. 1. This nice weather will help it get out of the ground.

Don Jackson

We have been able to pick up the pace pretty good. Hopefully we’ll be able to wrap it up this week. We’re down to about 150 acres of corn. We talked about a little rain coming in Thursday. Depending on how that goes we’ll be pretty close to wrapping up harvest. 

We had about an inch of rain the last go around. I actually heard higher amounts both north and south of me. We were only out a few days. We did not want to be in too big of a hurry on the ground. 

We had finished up with soybeans a couple of weeks ago. There are still a fair amount of beans out around here. The beans were a bit better than I expected, but we went 6 weeks with no rain when the beans needed it.

The corn is doing really well. In the low ground, we have areas where too much rain hurt corn yields. We are not seeing a really wide yield range. The genetics now can really handle pretty much anything and the yield is better than I thought. There are a lot of corn yields around here in the 220-bushel range. 

We have to move around some so that will slow us down a little this week. The grain quality is looking good. The stalks are standing, but I am getting concerned. I think if we can get it while this weather holds, we’ll be alright. We have been fortunate to avoid severe weather that would put this corn down.

Ross Black

Harvest has been progressing pretty well. We got 95% of our beans off before the rain came. We got close to 2 inches. We let it dry for a couple days and we got back at it shelling corn. We are plugging along but I think we can have it wrapped up in the next couple of weeks if we can keep everything running.

It really helps when you are harvesting good yields. We have a day or day and a half left with bean harvest. We have some beans in Franklin County and they are under lights and they stay alive a little longer and then we have double-crops left. The double-crops were planted July 18 and look pretty good. They are between shin and knee high and podded up really nice. They filled out well with those late rains.

We had a field that was about 10 bushels off, but most all of the beans averaged within 8 or 9 bushels of each other. We did not have knock-out yields, but we had a lot of beans from 55+ to the 60s. This is one of the better years we have had for beans. I was really amazed how consistent they were. I will say this is one of the first years I can remember that you couldn’t cut beans until 3 in the afternoon because they would not dry up with all the fog and dew in the morning.

The corn has mostly been in the 185- to 190+-bushel range. As a whole I thought the corn may be a little better. I’m not sure the corn is out there that everyone seems to think there is. We had pockets where we were wet early and some nitrogen got away. 

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