Dale visits with Jon Schartman of Corteva at the Trade Talk trade show at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting national convention in Kansas City, MO.

NAFB Trade Talk

Dale is in Kansas City, MO at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Convention. He is visiting with several groups that also attend the event.

Joe Short
Joe Short, Herbicide Marketing Team Manager, Valent
Clint Chaffer
Clint Chaffer, Asgrow
Clint Chaffer on Corn Traits
Brian Green
Brian Green, Technical Agronomist, Dekalb Asgrow
Scott Walker
Scott Walker, Corn Product Marketing Manager, Pioneer
Matt Goddard
Matt Goddard, Technology Development Manager, XtendFlex Soybeans
Galynn Beer
Galynn Beer, Senior Sales Manager, AgroLiquid
John Linder
John Linder, President, National Corn Growers Association
Travis Coffman, Bayer, Corn Traits Manager
Robbie Upton
Robbie Upton, BASF, Crop Protection
Doug Little
Doug Little, BASF, Soybean Seed Marketing Manager
Mike Steenhook, Executive Director, Soy Transportation Coalition
Doug Sibbitt, Marketing Manager, Nutrien Ag Solutions
Deane Jorgensen, Syngenta

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