Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast November 2, 2021

No change in near term forecast this morning. We are precipitation free through the next 10 days. However, we remain very chilly in the short term, for most of the rest of this week. We expect hard frosts and freezes the next 3 mornings at least and daytime highs will be below normal. Drying will be slow, but we should see harvest resume slowly as well, starting likely with corn. We do get better sunshine for our daytime hours going forward, which will help.

Temps moderate this weekend with south flow coming up into the eastern corn belt. That will push evaporation rates and we should see better/faster drying. We likely will be above normal for daytime highs. Sunshine continues to dominate through Wednesday.

We are inserting clouds in the forecast out at day 10 next Thursday, the 11th. The moisture available is not all that impressive, so we are leaving shower threats out of our official forecast for the time being, but we are watching the set up closely to see if anything does want to come together. This is an offshoot of low pressure exiting the central plains, which ahs been the calling card of our recent excessive rainfall, so it needs to be watched closely. Right now, our thought is that if moisture comes together, it will trend toward a bit later in the week, perhaps Friday the 12th, but stay tuned.

As of right now, we continue to see a nice, dry window for field work, with opportunity just coming down to soils and drying on a daily basis. The map below shows 10 day rain totals over Ohio. Nice!

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